About This Discussion

The book “The Black and White of Racism” was written to help serve as a basis for an open discussion regarding racism and race relations in our nation. The author notes:

(Race Relations) “…is perhaps the most volatile and divisive issue we face in our nation today. It is also the most perilous internal threat America has ever had to deal with. Our country is literally unraveling with racial polarization into a form of tribalism that can only lead to increasing civil disorder.

For this reason, I am going to deal with this issue of race and race relations in a frank and open manner. Of course this is an extremely contentious subject. I understand that in these times of political correctness and stifled free speech, my comments herewith will draw adverse criticism from some, perhaps many. I feel, however, we have no choice. As individuals, and as a nation, we need to acknowledge the critical nature of the situation and start a national dialogue with all positions articulated openly.”**
(**From the Introduction of “The Black and White of Racism.)

This open discussion will use some of the information and contentions in the book to use as background for the posts to this blog forum. You can review more information about the book at TheBlackandWhiteOfRacism.com. The book can be purchased on Amazon.com.