Americans Must Unify as Individuals not as Groups

The interests that define Americans as groups do not want a unified nation of individual citizens. Politicians use division to manipulate the people. Social provocateurs gain wealth and influence by grouping individuals as races in opposition.

Social polarization is effective in causing individual citizens to focus on opposing views rather than uniting in demanding mutual benefits. In this way, a government by and for the people is subverted and the political and special interest are able to determine the agenda for their own purposes.

Notice how the politicians and racial instigators grow wealthy while we, the people, bicker in alienation and dissension.

Social progress in America has advanced through the enforcement of individual freedom and rights. No American can deny the individual rights of each and all citizens. It has always been the majority of individual Americans that has demanded that liberty be extended to all citizens.

From the Abolition movement that insisted on individual rights for a minority of enslaved people, too weak and oppressed to speak up for themselves, to the Civil War that cost over 600,000 lives to resolve, the United States Constitution and Bill or Rights have been a guiding light for this nation.

In the 50’s and 60’s the majority of mainstream Americans, and the dominate political establishment, responded to the call from a minority to help them better share in the opportunities available to American citizens. Civil Rights and Affirmative Action initiatives were implemented by the majority to help elevate those less politically powerful to achieve the individual rights that are the birthright of all citizens.

Even at the expenses of forcing disadvantage on some individual Americans to provide advantage for other individual Americans, it was important enough to the nation to impose a temporary injustice on some to overcome what many felt had been a prior injustice for individuals in the minority.

Now it is time to move forward toward the ideal of a united nation of individual Americans working together for mutual benefit.

It is time to abandon groups of division. It is time to forsake the race baiters and instigators. It is time to vote the politicians that divide us out of office, and elect representatives of a united people. It is time to unite as individual American citizens.

As individuals we can work through our differences. As polarized groups, conflict is inevitable and likely will destroy our nation.

Written by Waylon Allen,
July 21, 2017

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