An Explanation and Statement to My Brothers and Sisters Who Consider Themselves to be Black.

I would prefer that we all stop identifying, categorizing and dividing ourselves by race and racial colors.
However, this is not the current reality and we have to deal with issues as they actually exist.

First, if we are going to come together as just people and citizens in America, we have to be willing to give up all preconceived notions and attitudes toward each other.

This is asking a lot. But unless we can all do this, and unite without any sense of blame, grievances, prejudices or any negative presuppositions regarding each other individually, uniting as a nation is impossible.

Being unable to unite as a nation, means we all eventually lose as a “house divided”. America simply cannot meet and withstand the challenges we face together as a nation in today’s world if we are in conflict among ourselves. Our competitors and enemies use our dissension to defeat us. While things may not be perfect now, it will be far, far worse under those conditions.

So it comes to our being able to stand together or fall together…to prosper and prevail together or decline and suffer together.  It is our choice and we must make the decision regarding our future as a nation now, or continue as we are now and accept the consequences. Time is critical and will not wait.

For this reason, I have decided to point out some things to my kindred citizens who identify as being “Black”.

There has been, and is being, much presented to my brothers and sisters who consider themselves to be “White” and much effort has been made to make “White” citizens aware of their contribution to the “racial problem”. However, there is the other side of the issue. There is also the “Black” citizen’s contribution to the “racial problem”.

If you consider yourself to be “Black” and have “any sense of blame, grievances, prejudices or any negative presuppositions regarding” people you consider to be “White”, then you are contributing to the “racial problem” in our nation.  Are you “willing to give up all preconceived notions and attitudes toward other “White” citizens without restrictions or qualifications?

In writing the book “The Black and White of Racism”, I realized that there is much about our history together as a Nation that is often not known widely. In particular, there are many aspects relating to Slavery that are not taught or acknowledged today.

For example, Sheldon Stern, who “taught African American history at the college level for a decade before becoming historian at the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum (1977-1999) – where he designed the museum’s first civil rights exhibit” noted:

“Failure to educate young Americans about the whole story of Atlantic slave trade threatens to divide our nation and undermine our civic unity and belief in the historical legitimacy of our democratic institutions. Education in a democracy cannot promote half-truths about history without undermining the ideal of e pluribus unum – one from many – and substituting a divisive emphasis on many from one. The history of the slave trade proves that virtually everyone participated and profited – whites and blacks; Christians, Muslims, and Jews; Europeans, Africans, Americans, and Latin Americans. Once we recognize the shared historical responsibility for the Atlantic slave trade, we can turn our attention to “transforming the future” by eradicating its corrosive legacy.”

(Ref: It’s Time to Face the Whole Truth About the Atlantic Slave Trade. History News Network. {Online] August 13, 2007, .)

So, I decided to point out some factual information to my fellow citizens who still hold on to dividing themselves as “Black”. My hope is that it will help promote the abandonment of the “blame, grievances, prejudices or any negative presuppositions”, that set us apart. If you like we can discuss the issues.

Keep in mind that how we approach another citizen will influence how they will relate to us. Attitude shows, affects and can damage any relationship. A smile often begets a smile in return.

As a final note, my ancestry is what my father called “pre-American Native”. With his help, I forgave and chose to forget in order to become a fully enfranchised, full blooded American Citizen. I have no racial color and am a brother to all my fellow citizens without any hyphenation or qualification.

For this reason, I reach out to you my brothers and sisters, please join me and be free.

Written by Waylon Allen,
May 29, 2017


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