Is Race Associated with Intelligence?

Turns out that is a trick question. Currently there is no scientific consensus regarding what actually constitutes intellegence. Making the issue even more complicated, a concept of different types of intelligence is emerging from studies by neuroscientists.

So the answer has to be based on a further question: “What type of intelligence is being determined?”

The question here is specifically focused on Academic Intelligence or IQ.

The reason is because we are forced to compare the on average academic type intelligence between people called “White” and people called “Black”. The difference is often attributed to “White” racism and racial injustice.

The issue we are dealing with here, however, must be approached in three parts.

(1) Have “White” people caused “Black People”, on average, to score consistently below, on average, the IQ score of “White” people?

(2) Should “White” people be held responsible to elevate the average “Black” academic Intelligence Quotient to be equal to the average “White” IQ?

(3) Is this even possible?

We hear and read often that the “Educational system is failing Black people”. Once again, racist “Black” people are shifting blame to “White” people and demanding the inequity be fixed by “White” people.

Keep in mind that we are not suggesting that “Black” people, on average, do not excel beyond “White” people in other types of Intelligence. We are specifically addressing the issue of academic IQ here.

The only sensible and accurate way to address this charge of blame regarding IQ is to look at the factual reality. For this reason, it is”Black” people blaming “White” people for their academic inequity that makes it necessary to mount a defense.

Otherwise we could simply consider that individuals have different IQ’s and take race out of the issue.

Guess what,
all people are not
all exactly the same and
equal in capability.

If someone tells you that “Black” men seem to be more capable and perform better, on average, at Professional Football and Basketball than “White” men, would you agree?

Would this be racist?
Would this be the fault of the “Black” players or the coaches?

If someone tells you that “White” people seem to do better in school and perform better, on average, academically than “Black” people, would you agree?

Would this be racist?
Would this be the fault of the “White” students or teachers?

Individuals are different
with different levels of Social,
Athletic and Intellectual Abilities

Without question, individual people have different mental and physical abilities. It would be absurd to require, or even expect, every human being to have the exact same intelligence and athletic ability. If an educational institution or government entity initiated a program to raise the intelligence of every citizen to the same level, it would be a waste of money and effort. It would be impossible to achieve.

Regarding physical ability, a good example to consider would be professional Football or Basketball players.

Suppose the owners of the team demanded that the coaches raise the athletic ability of the White and Black players to the exact same level of skill, ability and performance. Suppose the owners accused the coaches of discrimination and racism, because the White players were consistently performing at a lower level of ability than the Black players.

So, what if the owners simply demanded that the coaches “Fix it” with no exceptions? Of course the only solution would be to require the Black players to perform at a lower level so as to not outperform the White players with lesser ability.

What effect would this have on the quality of the game?

It would be the same if we required all the runners in a race to run at the same speed. Here again, the runners would have to all reduce their speed to not exceed the speed of the slowest runner. It would not even seem like a race, however, the slowest runner would not be made to feel the slowest. All would be winners, or losers, depending on your point of view.

This is exactly what the government and many corporate and educational institutions are doing today. It is no longer a question of which individual person excels or best meets the requirements. Determinations of which individual is the best qualified, most capable, or performs the highest level must be filtered and weighed on a racial basis. The outcome must meet the prescribed racial and gender statistical standard. Any exception shows racial and gender bias and must be penalized.

In a nation that assures individual freedom for each citizen, race should not be a factor. Individual ability should be the only consideration. Who is most qualified and best suited to throw the football, run the race best, fulfill the responsibility best, be the best student, teach the students best, manage the situation best, and hold the position best should be the only consideration.

America cannot excel unless the individual citizens are allowed to excel without imposed limitations or racial bias.

Further more…

In America, there has been a mix up. With the advent of private DNA testing, the distinct lines between racial origins of individual people has become a bit blurred. It is not unusual for an individual American to find out, from such a test, that they are not purebreds.

A light skinned person with obvious ancestry in Europe might find that one, or more, of their ancestors might have African heritage. Likewise, a dark skinned person with ancestry in Africa might find that one, or more, of their ancestors might have European heritage.

It is natural that most people want to think of themselves in terms of a single geographical, ethnic and cultural origin. The ancestors of most Americans did not come from America, but came to America. Many want to preserve and celebrate their individual “racial” and cultural heritage.

We see special ethnic and cultural gatherings and celebrations from Greek-Americans, Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans, African-Americans, Native-Americans and so on. We have citizens who want to protect their “racial” integrity and avoid dissolution of their racial purity out of cultural and ethnic pride.  We also have people who want to dominate and divide racially such as, so called, White and Black supremacists. There are religions that dominate the ethnic and cultural identity of people such as Jewish-Americans and Islamic-Americans with specific religious requirements and laws.

Regardless, in America, all races, cultures, ethnicities, and religions must accept the American Culture of individual freedom and the freedoms described in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Therefore, when we say that White people are more intelligent than Black people, the statement is too general and stereotypical to apply to all individual Americans.

For example, we had a president. Barack Obama, with ancestry that was half European and half African. Does this mean that his intelligence was probably halfway between that of White and Black people?

Frankly, it is unfortunate that, as president of all Americans, he did not simply declare that he was neither White or Black or, perhaps, both. Instead he fed the dividual flames of race consciousness and racial obsession leading to even more racial polarization in America.
The book “The Black and White of Racism”, suggests that Americans abandon racialistic thinking and stop using the racial specifiers “Black” and “White” altogether. This would be a “fundamental change” that would make a profound and positive impact on race relations in this nation.

Opposition to not using these words would come from Politicians who use the words to divide and manipulate American citizens; Racial Agitators, who profit from the exportation of racial division; Government Bureaucrats, who make their living administrating racial bias against people they call “White”; Educators, who consider themselves to be Black, and teach racism in the classrooms; Educators, who consider themselves to be “White” and enlightened, who teach that “White” people take advantage of “Black” people and should be reprimanded; Hostile Religions, that use racial division to encourage converts; Our Nation’s Enemies, domestic and foreign, who want to diminish our unity as a nation and use the principle of “divide and conquer” to their advantage; and Institutions, Groups and Organizations that use “Black” to exclude “White People” and to form segregated enrollments and memberships such as The “Historically” Black Colleges, The Black Wall Street Merchants Association, The Miss Black America Pageant, The National Association of Black Accountants, The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice, The National Registry of Black Baby Names, The National Society of Black Engineers, The Congressional Caucus, and et cetera.

Perhaps, the most objection would come from the people who consider themselves to be “Black” themselves.

Considering all that has been done to help people with African heritage to improve their circumstance over recent years, Naturally these people would not want to give up the benefits of being designated as “Black”.

They would have to compete on an individual basis. Just like in football, entertainment and other areas of achievement, they would find success in excellence and less success when unqualified or less capable. No longer would the most qualified student be denied enrollment in college because they were not a minority or of African heritage, no longer would racial quotas supersede individual qualification. No longer would the best and brightest be held back and shamed for their excellence.

In this circumstance, the race card  would no longer be available. Race as an excuse would no longer be valid.  America would be stronger, more fair and unbiased. There would be no need for racial designations and we could all simply be individual Americans.

It is time for “Individual Freedom” and “Individual Opportunity” to exist without consideration of race. Any individual American that is, in any way, impeded by racial quotas or racial limitations should be supported in a legal petition to the government for their “Inalienable Rights” as American citizens.

(Inalienable rights cannot be bought, sold, or transferred from one individual citizen to another under the Constitution of the United States.)

Let’s begin to destroy racism at its roots. Stamp out the use of “Black” and “White” now used to de-individualize American citizens and stereotype them for racial purposes.

Written by Waylon Allen,
October 19, 2017



2 Replies to “Is Race Associated with Intelligence?”

    1. Absolutely not. Such a concept has the primary element of racism: Stereotyping.

      In any random situation there may well be a wide range of measurable intelligence. A person who considers themselves of African heritage standing next to a person who considers themselves of European heritage may well score a higher IQ.

      I may not be considered, for example, as intelligence as Albert Einstein, however, that does not make we stupid. In fact, by trying to understand his science, I feel I am actually able to expand my intelligence. His intelligence does not diminish my intelligence. Human intelligence is cumulative, evolutionary and shared. I may not actually know how a cell phone works, however, I can still make a call and read a text.

      Therefore, on an individual basis, there can be no certain prediction of intelligence Quotient (IQ) based on skin color, demographic origin or perceived race.

      One of the most intelligent people that immediately comes to my mind is Neil deGrasse Tyson. He would be considered an African-American in accessorial heritage. One of my favorite programs currently on the National Geographic Channel is “Star Talk” which is hosted by Mr. Tyson. Like Einstein, he is expanding my understanding of the Cosmos.

      Mr. Tyson is the Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space in New York City since 1996. He founded the Department of Astrophysics in 1997 for the American Museum of Natural History. Hardly the credentials of a “stupid person”.

      In fact looking back in history, individual African-Americans have contributed much to the mutual intelligence of human kind. To list a few:

      Benjamin Banneker
      African American astronomer, mathematician and author who constructed America’s first functional clock.
      Charles Drew
      African-American physician, surgeon and medical researcher known as the inventor of the blood bank.
      Dr. Daniel Hale Williams
      African American physician who performed the first prototype open-heart surgery.
      Emmett Chappelle
      African American scientist and researcher and a recipient of 14 U.S. patents, who discovered that a particular combination of chemicals caused all living organisms to emit light.
      Ernest Everett
      African American biologist and author known for his work on egg fertilization and the structure of the cell.
      Garrett Morgan
      African American inventor who made both the first traffic signal invention and the first patented gas mask.
      George Washington Carver
      African-American scientist and inventor and an extraordinary explorer and innovator of agricultural science.
      James West
      African-American inventor who developed the mic in the 1960s; holds 47 U.S. and more than 200 foreign patents on microphones and techniques for making polymer foil-electrets.
      Mae Jemison
      American physician and NASA astronaut known for being the first black woman to travel in space.
      Marie Maynard Daly
      The first African American woman to earn a Ph.D. in Chemistry.
      Norbert Rillieux
      American inventor and engineer, best remembered for his invention of the multiple-effect evaporator.
      Patricia Bath
      American ophthalmologist and inventor known for being the first African American woman doctor to receive a patent for a medical invention.
      Percy Lavon Julian
      African American researcher known for being a pioneer in the chemical synthesis of medicinal drugs from plants.
      Philip Emeagwali
      Nigerian-born scientist and inventor known for first using a Connection Machine supercomputer to help analyze petroleum fields.
      Prof. Samuel Massie Jr.
      An organic chemist who was the first African American to teach at the U.S. Naval Academy.

      So much for the question “if I think African-American people are not as smart as other people?” Such thinking would indicate my stupidity.

      This issue, however, is forced by people who insist that individual people be categorized in racial groups. They insist that the racial herding be compared by statistics compared to other racial herds. In this circumstance academics tell us that Asians score the highest on IQ tests, with other perceived races scoring lower.

      I prefer to think of people as individuals without categories or stereotypical attributes. As individuals there is no predestined results regarding achievement, intelligence or morality. We share the most cherished achievement of any nation of Earth. That is Individual Liberty.

      If you have not read the article How You Can Help Defeat Black and White Racism in America, I encourage you to do so. As Americans, we need to consider ourselves as individuals not as racial types.

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