We Can Never Unite As Individual Citizens Until We Overcome Black Racial Animosity, Resentment and Hate.

We have to look this issue straight in the eye and call it what it is.

When someone holds a grudge against others, for no factual reason, there can be no way toward reconciliation. When the grudge is focused on innocent individuals grouped in false racial categories, the animosity should be challenged and refuted.

For these reasons, the issue of “Black” racial enmity toward people they consider to be “White” is baseless and erroneous. This effort to polarize other individual citizens using stereotypical categorizing should be denounced for the distorted racist depiction it represents.

First, not all people who consider themselves to be “Black” hold these feelings. This is specific to the people who hold these feeling of enmity for other citizens they generalize as “White”.

Citizens, who set themselves apart with pseudo-racial categorizing such as “Black” or “White”, are already demonstrating a racialist mind-set. While often unknowingly, speaking and thinking in terms of “Black and White” people contributes to divisional thinking about other American citizens

This type of racist stereotypical thinking ignores the individuality of each citizen and imposes presupposed assumptions without any verification or proof. The principle of “innocent until proven guilty” is abandoned in this racist minded effort to apply guilt. The charges are based on the Read more “We Can Never Unite As Individual Citizens Until We Overcome Black Racial Animosity, Resentment and Hate.”

Many People Do Not See Themselves as Black or White.

Not everyone subscribes to racial colors. Many Americans do not constantly think in racial terms and concentrate of racial identity.

Admittedly it is difficult when all around us the news media, politicians, governmental agencies, educators and racial agitators bombard us with racial categorizing and division.

These nonracial Americans are in the forefront of liberating our nation from the affliction of racial obsession. They are truly Americans, often with blended racial heritage. They project no blame and accept no guilt. They transcend the racial quagmire that undermines the unity of American citizens and exercise the opportunities of living in a nation of individual liberty and opportunity. Most often they excel as citizens.

Some have light skin, some have dark skin, but all understand that skin pigmentation does not make them separate as American citizens. They see themselves as human beings, members of the human race, and Americans first and foremost.

This is not to say that these racially colorless individuals do not see themselves with cultural and ethnic heritages. However, for these “racial transcendents” ethnicity is secondary to being fully enfranchised and united American citizens.

They do not fit any of the stereotypes associated with race. They are often the truly intelligent Americans, not the pretentious educators who feign moral superiority, nor the racial instigators that use racial division to their personal benefit. They are Americans first and foremost.

They are the hope and promise of the United States of America.

Written by Waylon Allen,
November 5, 2017

What Is White Privilege?

Once again, people with a racialistic mindset stereotype a very large diverse group of people based on skin tone alone. Regardless of their economic, intellectual, educational, health, physical condition, location in the nation or country of origin, these racial minded people lump every person with a certain range of skin tone as exactly alike in circumstance and situation.  They are all “White” and they each share a special exclusive “privilege” not available to other people with a different range of skin tone. In this view, a so called “white” person from Appalachia, who arrives in New York City as a hobo in a railroad boxcar, has privileges not available to a poor black millionaire basketball star arriving by limousine.

So called “White Privilege” is an accepted subject on many college campuses and endorsed by many professors in the institutions. It is indicative of the absurd curricular now passing as education today at some university institutions. Using the same stereotypical terminology
used to define “White Privilege”, in actually the terminology should be “White Achievement”.

The book, “The Black and White of Racism” by Waylon Allen addresses this issue:

“Any advantage or achievement an individual person has, regardless of skin color, has a history and cause. It does not just pop out of thin air or just infuse the skin with whiteness and privilege. There is a reason why someone has a situation or position of excellence. Most often it is earned, sometimes if is inherited, it might be simply good fortune like winning the lottery. (1)

If an individual can excel in this nation, then they will likely prosper regardless of so call “privilege” or skin tone. Read more “What Is White Privilege?”

Are All Americans Equal?

The book “The Black and White of Racism” addresses the issue of “Equality” and offers a solution to the social dissension that threatens our nation with fragmentation, turmoil and civil conflict. Following is a quote from the book:

“The purpose of this commentary is to contribute to a possible public discourse. Rather than a prophecy (of civil disaster), my hope and intention is to use these words to help alter the course of events and intercede while there is still time to address the social issues dividing us.

It will take a national initiative no less challenging than going to the moon.  It will be up to the educators and educational institutions to change the racialistic mind-sets to civil harmony and good will.

We cannot solve this major problem with blame and antagonism toward others. We must all be introspect and challenge our own preconceptions and bias. We cannot solve the problem by pointing to others, we must all rethink our own notions and prejudices.

We must cease to declare others guilty without real individual cause, and face, perhaps, our own personal cause and contributions to our situation.  We must also look on the history of America from a different perspective…one of respect and appreciation. Our unity must begin historically when our ancestors first came to the shores in Colonial America and began the struggle together in founding the new nation.

Rather than sowing the seeds of division, we need to look at our mutual experience in overcoming the challenges and appreciate what we did for each other in achieving the nation we share today. It is time that we, the people, begin to share amity and brotherly love for one another as proud citizens of our wonderful Nation.

Equality does not mean the same.

We should begin to see ourselves as individuals not as racial groups. We should abandon Racialism and embrace Individualism. We should cease to measure ourselves by comparison to others, and stand in self-reliance and appreciation for existing in a nation of opportunity for the individual.

Our nation gives us the equality of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. For those who have achieved a great deal more from the past through ancestry, they may well pass on to others more prosperity in the future. For those who have achieved less in the past, then they pass on less to others in the future. Equality does not mean equal inheritance, and it does not mean equal outcome in the future…it simply means government does not interfere with personal initiative and allows individual people to enjoy self-reliance and freely benefit from their enterprise and individual ability.There are no guarantees.  As in a race, some run faster than others. However, when jealousy, resentment and envy are abandoned, people with very different situations can enjoy fully their individual accomplishments unrestricted by government. Read more “Are All Americans Equal?”

Why We Must Abandon Racial Distinctions Now in America

(I am responding here to a person that wrote on Twitter: “Race is real and goes deeper than mere skin color. Different races create different cultures. The races aren’t interchangeable. Pushing the false claim that race is simply skin color is not advisable & is particularly harmful to whites. The P.C. lie that you are pushing is used to get whites to not advocate for their group interests.”)

By “Whites” I assume you mean Europeans, or perhaps Caucasians.

If “White people” in America could go back to 1607 when the first Europeans established a settlement in Jamestown and make some changes, things would be very different now.

If the “White” settlers had turned away the Dutch ship that arrived at Jamestown on “a stormy day in August 1619” with 20 Africans on board, things would be very different now.

If the “Whites” had never allowed non-Europeans to become American citizens over the years, things would be very different now.

However the Africans, and the other non-Europeans, came in large numbers and became legal, full-fledged American citizens under our Constitution and Bill or Rights.

There is no turning back. We have to deal with the situation as it is today. Like it or not, we are a nation of people who consider themselves to be of different races and cultures. We are divided and fragmented…and divided, we are falling together into a turmoil of potential mutual destruction as a nation.

Unless we can find a way to unite as a people and citizens, our nation will crumble within, and be defeated by our enemies in the world. As Ben Franklin said long ago when we faced external forces, “If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately”.

We are on the verge of serious “racial” and “cultural” civil strife. We see the violence building in our streets, at political meetings and in our Universities. The impending disorder is recognized by most of us. Our problems are deeper than “skin color”. Going forward as we are today “is not advisable & is particularly harmful” to us all.

Like it or not we must begin now to dismantle our divisions and seek grounds for unity.

This is why I have decided to challenge how people who consider themselves to be “Black” feel toward people they consider to be “White”. To use racial terms, this is why I decided to challenge “Black Racism”, “Black Animosity” and “Black Blame” directed at “White People”.

This is why I took the time, and made the effort, to write and publish the book “The Black and White of Racism”. This is why I set up this forum for discussion of racial issues.

This is why I am up now at 3:27 A.M. writing this response.

I am extremely concerned. Not for myself, I am in my 70’s. My time remaining is short. My concern is for my children, my grandchildren and my beloved nation and fellow citizens. We have so much to appreciate and be thankful for together. We have so much to lose in division.

And the irony is that I am, what the writer from twitter might call, an “Indian”, “native American” or perhaps, “a red skin”. I am actually, however, what I consider to be a “full blooded, totally enfranchised, American Citizen”.

So let’s begin, as citizens, to forget, forgive and forbear. Let’s look forward, not backwards, with a mutual resolution to get along together. Every one of us must make profound personal changes in attitude and perception. Let’s focus on things that will unite us not divide us as a nation. Let’s share without envy, jealousy or greed the bounty of our nation together according to our individually earned measure.

It will be difficult, it will require restraint and empathy. It will not happen immediately or without setbacks. However, with determination and an understanding of what is necessary for our survival together as a nation, we can be a United States of America.

I suggest you begin now by reading my book The Black and White of Racism” . I have attempted to state some facts that should be known and understood by every American Citizen regardless of skin pigmentation, cultural identity or geographical origin. I have put forth some considerations that might contribute to resolving our perceived “racial” differences.

I wrote the book in the same spirit I have written this. I sincerely want us to prevail and prosper as a nation together. Like some of my ancestors, I have looked at the future horizon with fear and dread, and now say to you my brothers and sisters,  “Turn Away…take a different path”.

Written by Waylon Allen,
October 17, 2017

Can Individual People Really Be Defined By Color?

There was a time, perhaps in colonial America through early 19th century, that some Americans could be considered of “pure” race.  During that period there were some people who were thought to be racially “pure” with 100% Negroid, 100% Caucasoid, or 100% Mongoloid DNA. That day has passed.

No longer are there many Americans of African ancestry or European ancestry that are not racially mixed. In fact the very concept of race is being challenged scientifically (See below). Yet people today, with a racial mindset, still continue to assign race to individual American citizens. These racialists still lump individual citizens into stereotypical racial groups based on skin pigmentation alone.

By using  racialistic terms like “White”, “Black”, “Brown” or “Yellow”, today’s racialist perpetuates the false premise that individual Americans can be defined and categorized in racial communities, tribes or  classifications that are exactly the same in total ancestry and racial DNA purity. Like Hitler’s Germany, racial purity is used today to promote division and disharmony among the populace. From divisive politicians to racial Read more “Can Individual People Really Be Defined By Color?”

Will Fundamental Change Solve the “White Problem”?

Reading Twitter tweets regarding “racism” has convinced me that people who consider themselves to be “Black” have extreme dislike and resentment toward people they consider “White”. They seem to feel that America and their lives would be better should the “Whites” simply migrate elsewhere and leave the Nation to themselves and the people who migrated into America in recent years.

All the problems of ”Black People” would be eliminated and they would have all the economy, institutions, government, military strength and status in the world for themselves.

In reality, if all the people considered to be “White” would leave the Nation, the fundamental change would be disastrous. Just imagine what it would be like without the “damnable white folks” around.

So keep on demeaning and demonizing the mainstream Americans that have been categorized into the stereotype of “Racist White People”. These are the people who have made a substantial contribution in making America what it is today, and keeping it what it is today.

If things continue in the current direction, “the White Problem” may well begin to migrate out of the country, taking their businesses, skills, and accumulated wealth with them. Those unable to leave might cluster in isolated communities for mutual benefit and protection, leaving the population centers to fight it out for what’s left.

So when the “fundamental” change occurs and the social fabric and culture of the nation is fundamentally changed, “Blacks” will not be in the same America they have today. America may one day look more like the wonderful homelands of Africa, Latin America, Syria or Iran. Perhaps all combined in a dream come true for the people who consider themselves “Black”. “Be careful what you wish for…”

Or forgive, forget and unite, as individual citizens, for mutual benefit and survival of the wonderful nation we all share.

Written by Waylon Allen,
July 16, 2017

Americans Must Unify as Individuals not as Groups

The interests that define Americans as groups do not want a unified nation of individual citizens. Politicians use division to manipulate the people. Social provocateurs gain wealth and influence by grouping individuals as races in opposition.

Social polarization is effective in causing individual citizens to focus on opposing views rather than uniting in demanding mutual benefits. In this way, a government by and for the people is subverted and the political and special interest are able to determine the agenda for their own purposes.

Notice how the politicians and racial instigators grow wealthy while we, the people, bicker in alienation and dissension.

Social progress in America has advanced through the enforcement of individual freedom and rights. No American can deny the individual rights of each and all citizens. It has always been the majority of individual Americans that has demanded that liberty be extended to all citizens.

From the Abolition movement that insisted on individual rights for a minority of enslaved people, too weak and oppressed to speak up for themselves, to the Civil War that cost over 600,000 lives to resolve, the United States Constitution and Bill or Rights have been a guiding light for this nation.

In the 50’s and 60’s the majority of mainstream Americans, and the dominate political establishment, responded to the call from a minority to help them better share in the opportunities available to American citizens. Civil Rights and Affirmative Action initiatives were implemented by the majority to help elevate those less politically powerful to achieve the individual rights that are the birthright of all citizens.

Even at the expenses of forcing disadvantage on some individual Americans to provide advantage for other individual Americans, it was important enough to the nation to impose a temporary injustice on some to overcome what many felt had been a prior injustice for individuals in the minority.

Now it is time to move forward toward the ideal of a united nation of individual Americans working together for mutual benefit.

It is time to abandon groups of division. It is time to forsake the race baiters and instigators. It is time to vote the politicians that divide us out of office, and elect representatives of a united people. It is time to unite as individual American citizens.

As individuals we can work through our differences. As polarized groups, conflict is inevitable and likely will destroy our nation.

Written by Waylon Allen,
July 21, 2017

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The Ku Klux Klan were Democrats Killing White and Black Republicans, Not Slaves

The more I look into the issue of racial history in America, the more misinformation and misconception I discover.

For years I took it for granted that the information presented to me was factual. Turns out I was wrong and very much misinformed. It was not until I did the research for the book, “The Black and White of Racism” that I began to realize how truly misled I have been over the years.

Here is an example I just came across:|
(See Video Below with the Facts)

It seems that the Democrats started the Ku Klux Klan in the South after the Civil War to harass and terrorize the Republicans committed to reinforcing Reconstruction. During this period, over a 1000 white people and over 3000 black people were put to death by KKK lynching, not because of race, but because they were Republicans. The KKK was hanging “Black” and “White” people specifically because they were Republicans. Naturally, since there were many fewer “White” Republicans in the South at that time, there were fewer “White” Republican hangings than “Black” Republicans. It is noted that “Blacks” could become Democrats during that time to escape the Democrat’s ropes.

Consider how the Democrats of today react to people who disagree with them. They deny the validity of a duly elected President. A Democratic congresswoman actually told a New York audience that she wants to ‘take out’ president Trump. Based on past experience, it would seem that the representative would like to return to the past practice of lynching the opposition.

The Democrats even refer to the people who exercised their Constitutional right to vote for the candidate of their choice as “Deplorable”.  Here again suggesting, perhaps, they should be ridiculed and reprimanded at best, or violently punished at worse.

The Democrats have hidden their robes and pointed hats, and created a facade of false ideology to fool the membership. By dividing the citizenry against each other they have effectively used social issues to entice loyalty while cloaking their true agenda under the guise of liberalism.

In reality, the Democratic core agenda is Socialism. With promises of economic parity and redistribution of wealth, they coax their followers to forsake individual liberty, initiative, and opportunity for failed socialistic principles that have rendered such nations as Russia in the past, and more recently, Argentina, into economic and social chaos.

Now instead of the white robes of the KKK, we see the black attire and masks of Democratic Marxist inflicting violence in our streets, at political meetings and at our Universities. They are using violence and the threat of violence, once again, to stifle free speech and political freedom in an effort to crush all opposition.

The same manipulative and bigoted tyrannical Democratic regime of old has reappeared today to, once again, target the opposition with violent retribution

Now a similar group of “Democrat Like” individuals have taken up the mantle of the KKK in a similar malevolent effort to suppress individual freedom and the rights of citizens. They are no less offensive today as were the Democratic KKK of the past.

Following is a video regarding the Democratic Ku Klux Klan organization, and the hanging of “White” and “Black” Republicans, that caught my attention along with some references I came across in researching the facts presented in the video:

I searched Google with the question:
How many White Republicans were lynched by Democarats. Click to see what I found.

When the full truth is finally realized by all Americans regarding race and racism, the current view regarding the issue will be vastly changed.

Written by Waylon Allen,
October 23, 2017





Can We Cross The Racial Divide Together?

Is it possible for us, as a people, to lose our racial identity? Can we stand together as individual American citizens without further distinctions? Isn’t it about time to abandon racial stereotypes, blame and prejudices? Isn’t it about time to leave the racial wilderness and find the American promise land together? Can we lift our heads out of the fog of race and see the clarity of individual freedom? Can we now cast off the robes of race and each cloth ourselves in the ideals represented in by the American flag, and be one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all?

What is your answer? Please leave your comment below.

Written by Waylon Allen,
June 7, 2017