Black Hypocrisy

Anything that polarizes, divides, excludes or segregates American citizens is wrong and intolerable. It was in the past and it is, likewise, today. If it is not wrong today, then it should be acceptable for people who consider themselves to be “White” or any skin color or racial distinction.

Educational segregation was abolished in the United States by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Public exclusion or discrimination based on perceived race or skin color was also abolished.

Yet we have far ranging de facto segregation and public exclusion existing today throughout America. With unabashed discrimination, a group of people based on a particular range of skin tone and a concept of pure racial integrity, practice a form of racially designated segregation and exclusion.

It is the “Black” movement. The movement sets itself apart as the “Black Community”. This tribal, exclusive association is superficial and specific to dark skin, or somewhat dark skin people. Similar to the racialism of Hitler’s Germany, a perception of racial purity and exclusivity drives the movement along with forms of racial accusations, perceived wrongs, and social extortion.

The “Black” movement even endorses stereotypical racial classification of individual Americans based on skin pigmentation alone. It is acceptable within this movement to make charges and inflict blame without any verified fact. Individual citizens are categorized racially as “White” and declared guilty of racism and social injustice.

The movement has been so effective as to obtain special consideration and exceptions from the social mainstream of the nation. Not only is it considered “politically incorrect” to challenge the existence of the movement, but to even question the movement is to be classified racist. The movement is supported and perpetuated by politicians and educators even in our Universities.

There are even indications of a desire for “Black” segregation that excludes people considered to be racially “White”. This “Black Hypocrisy” should be identified and condemned. It should be treated with the same legal and regulatory restrictions and measures used to abolish “White” segregation in the past.

Freedom is extended to individual Americans and should not be amended by race, class, or skin color classifications. All institutions, governmental and public entities should be race and skin color free with absolute equal treatment for all individual citizens. It should be unlawful to assign a racial identification to any public, educational or government organizations.

“Black Hypocrisy” is diversionary, abhorrent and blatantly racist.

(Anyone reading the book “The Black and White or Racism” will understand that this author abhors grouping individual people by race or skin color. When this is done to institutionalize the use of the word “Black” to divide a group of citizens, it is just as abhorrent as if used by people grouped as “White”.

While it seems to the acceptable for so called “Black” people to have “Black only” events, institutions and organizations, it absolutely is not. To point this out may not be currently “Politically Correct”, however Truth should always be “Politically Correct”. To paraphrase Aldous Huxley, “Truth does not cease to exist because it is ignored”.)

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