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There is much discussion
today about Racism
and Race Relations.
Often it seems one sided,
focusing only on the
“White” problem.

As the philosopher,
Baruch Spinoza, noted:
No matter how thin
you slice it, there will always
be two sides

This then
is an effort to look
at, and discuss, the
other side of
the Race Card,
“Black” problem.

Only by looking at,
and discussing,
both sides of the
“Racial” Problem
can we make real progress
at resolving the
“Whole” problem.

It Was Not About Race.
It Was About Culture.

The Nature
of Black Racism

Black Hypocrisy

An Explanation and Statement
to My Brothers and Sisters
Who Consider Themselves
to be Black.

( 05)
Why I Challenge
Black Racial Blame
and White Shame

( 06)
It’s Time the Black Community
Address Their Own Problems,
and Quit Shifting Responsibility and Blame
to the White Community.

( 07)
How You Can Help
Defeat Black and White
Racism In America

Is Race
Associated with Intelligence?

( 09)
Link to
“White Americans who
Fought for Civil Rights”
by Veronica Patton

We Can Never Unite As Individual Citizens
Until We Overcome Black Racial Animosity,
Resentment and Hate.

Many People
Do Not See Themselves
as Black or White.

What Is White Privilege?

Are All Americans Equal?

Why We Must Abandon
Racial Distinctions
Now In America

Can Individual People Really
Be Defined By Color?

Will Fundamental Change Solve
the “White Problem”?

Americans Must Unify as Individuals Not Groups

The Ku Klux Klan
Were Democrats Killing
Black and White Republicans,
Not Slaves.

Can We Cross the Racial Divide Together?

Call to Abolish Racial Distinctions
or Discrimination between American Citizens

How Do You Identify Yourself?

Read about “The Black and White of Racism”

We are often Right even when we are Wrong.

It is easy to always be right. Just associate and talk only with people who agree with you.

We all have a tendency to do this because it is unpleasant to have someone question or disagree with what we think or believe to be true. It is far more pleasant to have someone reinforce our point of view and confirm that we are indeed Right!

The problem is, when people only talk with people in groups that agree with themselves, the issues cannot be resolved. The different groups of “like think” simply stay divided and perhaps even come to physical conflict.

We have a great nation together. We must reconcile our differences to survive in the competitive and dangerous world we live in today. The expression “A house divided against itself will not stand” is a prophecy for what is to come for America if we cannot stand together as a nation to face the challenges that exist today.

Pointing out the problems of others only divides. Only when we consider and address our own problems can solutions be accomplished.

It is time to openly discuss our differences, not for division, but for our individual and person introspection. We have to look back at ourselves with the same critical eye we view others.

If we are willing to blame others, then we must be open to having that blame challenged and perhaps turned back on ourselves. We must judge ourselves in the same manner we judge others.

Change and solutions begin within.

“If you change yourself, you will change your world. If you change how you think, then you will change how you feel and what actions you take. And so the world around you will change.” –Mahatma Gandhi



The Nature of Black Racism

There are many people who consider themselves to be “Black” that are not Racist. They consider themselves to be full-fledged Americans without a racial hyphenation. However, for some people, “Black Racism” is epidemic. Following are examples of how to identify a “Black Racist”.

“Black Racism” can be defined as:

(1) An Obsession with racial identity by many people who consider themselves to be “Black”.

For the “Black Racist”, it’s all about race. They project race into most social, educational and business situations. Race is the central focus of their existence. It taints all aspects of their lives. It infuses their thinking and talking with one another. It is at the center of their lives fermenting blame, envy, resentment, animosity, and in many cases, hatred for the “White Oppressors”.

(2) Stereotypical categorizing of “White People” as “Racist” and “Anti-Black” based on skin pigmentation alone.

For the “Black Racist, all people with light skin are racist, and children of racist, until proven otherwise. They demonize a large diverse population of people they consider to be White” without any individualized proof or historical evidence of wrong doing. It is a wholesale indictment that reflects the worst elements of racism.

(3) Shifting individual and personal responsibility for bad actions and behavior to other people they consider to be “White”.

“Black Racist” have altered the term “The Devil made me do it” to “White people caused me (or us) to do it”. They use it like a “Get Our of Fault Free” card. Regardless of the unacceptable behavior, from mob violence to out of proportion crime statistics, it is the fault of “White” people and the injustice they have suffered being black in America. Using the antithesis of Dr. King’s dream, the “Black Racist” insists that they Not be “judged by the content of their character” but excused because of the “color of their skin”.

(4) Blaming people they call “White” for their own inadequacies and failures.

The “Black Racist” ignores the fact that, as Africans, they should measure their perceived advancement, or lack of, in America in comparison to Africans that never left African rather than compare themselves with non-Africans. This would be the only scientific and reasonable way to measure such advancement or cultural change.

Over the past 400 years in America, “Blacks” with African heritage in America are no longer the same intellectually and culturally as “Blacks” in Africa today. The difference is the cultural and intellectual change they have made in being in America rather than Africa. From the perspective of Western Culture this cultural and intellectual change could be considered “Advancement”. However, from the African perspective, it might be considered “Cultural Erosion or Loss” on the part of American “Blacks”.

If we compare the first Africans that arrived in Jamestown in the 1600s, with the Europeans that also arrived, there was a distinct difference then. It is reasonable to assume that the cultural and intellectual difference, based on Western cultural standards* that existed then, has continued for some “Blacks”  to some degree generally since that time. Of course, there are a large number of exceptions individually with individual, so called, “White” people falling behind in intellect and education over the time. The issue is only under consideration because of the accusation made by “Black” racist that any inequity is caused by racism on the part of “White” people.  Today, on an individual basis, many people who consider themselves to be “Black” are fully enculturated and more intellectually advanced than many people who consider themselves “White”. It is the “Black” racist that most often excuse themselves with the “White Blame Card”.

“Black Racists” point to Slavery as the cause of the perceived gap, however, the absence of Slavery in Africa has not overcome the intelligence gap (again based on Western Cultural standards). Africans that remained in Africa without being slaves, have not advanced culturally and intellectually on average, to the level of Europeans today for example. As noted, “Blacks” in Africa have also not advanced culturally and intellectually, on average, with American “Blacks”.

It would be far more appropriate for the “Black Racist” to appreciate the effort that has been made to help overcome their deficiencies in this area and the major accomplishments that have been made. Rather than blame, it would serve them better to enjoy the advantage they have over their “Black” brothers in Africa and understand that we all live in a world where people have different capabilities.

In reality, we have been considering racial averages overall in this article, not individual capabilities.

Being “White” or “Black” does not mean that one person with light skin is more intelligent than a person with dark skin. As noted prior, there are dumb, uneducated “White” people who would envy the intellectual achievements of many “Black” college professors and professionals.

In addition, Americans are racially mixed and should not be considered in terms of pure “Black” or “White” people. With racial identity blurred, the concepts of intellegence and cultural influence is no longer valid. The 44th president of our nation was half “Black” and half “White”, rendering his racial heritage arbitrary.

We should each take our individual circumstance and make the most of it. America is the land of individual freedom and opportunity to succeed or fail based on a vast number of different factors. Everyone’s initial circumstance is unique with advantages and disadvantages. A child born crippled will likely never be an Olympic runner, yet they can have a wonderful life if they accept their limitations and make the most of what is available to them.

(5) Believing that “White” people are born with special racial privileges and advantages not available to “Black” people

There is no greater insult, or example of blatant racism, than to tell an individual that their accomplishments were gained by a privilege associated with the tone of their skin.

The millions of unfortunate and poor “White” people are not told that they are poor because their skin was not white enough. In citing “White Privilege” there is no reason given as to why there are more poor “white” people in American than any other racial group.

Some college professor wrote a paper that became intellectually in vogue and a social myth was created and became academically fashionable.

Seized on by naïve educators, well-meaning students and “Black Racist”, the term “White Privilege” became a whip to punish people who dare to demonstrate individual exceptionalism or profit from the earned advantage of family achievement.

For a person born into an affluent family, it is demeaning to tell them that they have somehow caused others to be less fortunate by being fortunate themselves. This modern form of social Marxism has been proven over and over again to crush individual and economic initiative and prosperity. Argentina is just the latest example of socialist disaster.

The “Black Racist” point to successful people they consider to be “White” and accuse them of gaining success at their expense. In a zero sum game, success and prosperity of others keep the “Black Racist” from being able be successful and prosper. They believe that by taking away the “White” privilege, they will have an unimpeded path to certain achievement themselves.

What they fail to realize is that “White privilege” is actually “White achievement”, or rather “Individual achievement”. Should they stop and consider what the people they call “White” have contributed to the achievement and wealth of the nation, they might realize what the absence of such achievement might mean to the welfare of America in the world today.

African nations, such as Ethiopia and Liberia, that have experienced little or no “White Achievement” are among the poorest on the continent, while South Africa and Nigeria are among the most advanced due to the contribution “White” people have made to the counties.

Having “white skin” is no assurance of success and having “black skin” is no assurance of being unsuccessful.

(6) Perpetuating a false history of “Black Slaves” and “White Slaveholders” while ignoring the historical facts of “Black Slaveholders” and “Free Black People”.

Perhaps one of the greatest misconceptions today is that a large percentage of “White” people were slave holders in America’s past and all “Black” people in America today have slave ancestors.

In reality, there were less than 2% of the “White” people in America who owned slaves before the Civil War, with less than 6% in the South. In addition, there were many “Black” people who were not slaves, and in fact, there were more “Black” slave owners, based on percentage of population at the time, than “White” slave owners.

For this reason it is unreasonable to assume that a person who considers themselves to be “Black” today, with an ancestry back to pre-civil war times in America, are descendants of slaves. They may well be descendants of “Black” people who were free citizens prior to the Civil War, or perhaps, descendants of slave owners.

Based on this, a “Black” person is more likely to be the descendant of a “Black” slave owner than a “White” person today.

Since racism is a form of ignorance, the “Black Racist” is also racially ignorant and in denial.

(7) Motivated by “Racial Extortion”.

The “Black Racist” uses the false charge of racism and racial victimhood to extort special considerations and advantages from the American government and society.

The “Black Racist” is ever ready to pin a “Racist” label on anyone who dares question their racial myth. So effective has been the dissemination of the racial myth of victimhood that a phenomenon of “White Guilt” has been inflicted on people who consider themselves to be “White”.

Today, to be called, or considered to be, a “White Racist” is tantamount to being a social outcast. Only the most uneducated, ignorant and lowly “White” people are racist. People who consider themselves to be “White” are willing to abandon reason, good judgement and even fact to avoid the accusation of racism.

Even to the detriment of society and our educational systems, it is better to accept the unacceptable than to raise the specter of racism. Rather than face the truth and deal with the truth to solve the actual problem, it is better to avoid any semblance racism and allow the problem to continue unabated.

The “Black Racist” feeds on this “White Guilt” and projects the accusation into every aspect of social interaction and economic function. Like an infection that is allowed to fester and metastasize, “Black Racism” is destroying the very fabric of American society and culture.

Like a cancer undiagnosed and unattended, “Black Racism” is having terminal effects on the unity and well-being of our nation.

It is time to address the issue, call it what it is and begin to take measures to eradicate it with truth.

It will require a national initiative utilizing governmental, educational and organizational resources to set us all free from the false narrative and myth associated with “Black Racism”.

Let’s join together to speak out and demand an end to racism of all colors.

Written by Waylon Allen,
October 31, 2017


Black Hypocrisy

Anything that polarizes, divides, excludes or segregates American citizens is wrong and intolerable. It was in the past and it is, likewise, today. If it is not wrong today, then it should be acceptable for people who consider themselves to be “White” or any skin color or racial distinction.

Educational segregation was abolished in the United States by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Public exclusion or discrimination based on perceived race or skin color was also abolished.

Yet we have far ranging de facto segregation and public exclusion existing today throughout America. With unabashed discrimination, a group of people based on a particular range of skin tone and a concept of pure racial integrity, practice a form of racially designated segregation and exclusion.

It is the “Black” movement. The movement sets itself apart as the “Black Community”. This tribal, exclusive association is superficial and specific to dark skin, or somewhat dark skin people. Similar to the racialism of Hitler’s Germany, a perception of racial purity and exclusivity drives the Read more “Black Hypocrisy”

Why I Challenge Black Racial Blame and White Shame

The racial narrative in America is primarily focused on the alleged victimhood of people considered to be “Black”. This point of view requires that all “White” people be demonized and blamed for the circumstance of all seemingly disadvantaged “Black” people.

When my wife’s granddaughter, who is Irish/Italian heritage and very light skinned, told me she “does not like white people”, I was concerned and confused.

In trying to determine how to respond to her, I, for the first time in my life, began to read and research into the history of race and race relations in America.

I was surprised, and in many ways shocked, at what I found. I found that I was very misinformed and ignorant of the actual facts regarding the issue of race in America.

I had realized that the issue of slavery and racism had overshadowed the goodness and achievements of “White” people in America and had spawned a high level of blame, resentment and animosity from “Black” people toward “White” people.

I had not realized, however, that much of what I had been lead to believe was false half-truths and misinformation. This distortion of fact and history has cause racial antagonism so profound that even the founders of America liberty are vilified and demeaned for being “White” oppressors of “Black” people.

Learning the truth about matters associated with race in America influenced me to begin a letter to my Granddaughter to explain why she should actually “like white people” and be proud to be an American.

In having to defend “White” people, I came to an expanded appreciation of what “White” people have contributed to humankind and how much they have done to benefit “Black” people. I began to wonder why the educational institutions and public media have not presented the factual truth regarding these matters.

The letter to my granddaughter began to expand into several pages and eventually a large document. Early on in the writing, I had realized that I was also writing to my fellow citizens. I came to feel that all Americans should be made aware of the real truth behind the racial myths and misconceptions being disseminated throughout American society.

My feeling was, and is, that if the real truth is known we could begin to heal the racial divide that exists today in our nation. In fact, I realized, in my reading and research, that failing to heal the divide would be extremely detrimental to America and lead to increasingly serious racial and social conflicts.

For this reason, I decided to publish the document as a book The Black and White of Racism. I also decided to establish this website,, to further develop articles to accompany the book and further challenge the racial blame and shame game that is destroying the unity of our nation.

Information about the book is available at

Written by Waylon Allen,
November 5, 2017



An Explanation and Statement to My Brothers and Sisters Who Consider Themselves to be Black.

I would prefer that we all stop identifying, categorizing and dividing ourselves by race and racial colors.
However, this is not the current reality and we have to deal with issues as they actually exist.

First, if we are going to come together as just people and citizens in America, we have to be willing to give up all preconceived notions and attitudes toward each other.

This is asking a lot. But unless we can all do this, and unite without any sense of blame, grievances, prejudices or any negative presuppositions regarding each other individually, uniting as a nation is impossible.

Being unable to unite as a nation, means we all eventually lose as a “house divided”. America simply cannot meet and withstand the challenges we face together as a nation in today’s world if we are in conflict among ourselves. Our competitors and enemies use our dissension to defeat us. While things may not be perfect now, it will be far, far worse under those conditions.

So it comes to our being able to stand together or fall together…to prosper and prevail together or decline and suffer together.  It is our choice and we must make the decision regarding our future as a nation now, or continue as we are now and accept the consequences. Time is critical and will not wait.

For this reason, I have decided to point out some things to my kindred citizens who identify as being “Black”.

There has been, and is being, much presented to my brothers and sisters who consider themselves to be “White” and much effort has been made to make “White” citizens aware of their contribution to the “racial problem”. However, there is the other side of the issue. There is also the “Black” citizen’s contribution to the “racial problem”.

If you consider yourself to be “Black” and have “any sense of blame, grievances, prejudices or any negative presuppositions regarding” people you consider to be “White”, then you are contributing to the “racial problem” in our nation.  Are you “willing to give up all preconceived notions and attitudes toward other “White” citizens without restrictions or qualifications?

In writing the book “The Black and White of Racism”, I realized that there is much about our history together as a Nation that is often not known widely. In particular, there are many aspects relating to Slavery that are not taught or acknowledged today.

For example, Sheldon Stern, who “taught African American history at the college level for a decade before becoming historian at the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum (1977-1999) – where he designed the museum’s first civil rights exhibit” noted:

“Failure to educate young Americans about the whole story of Atlantic slave trade threatens to divide our nation and undermine our civic unity and belief in the historical legitimacy of our democratic institutions. Education in a democracy cannot promote half-truths about history without undermining the ideal of e pluribus unum – one from many – and substituting a divisive emphasis on many from one. The history of the slave trade proves that virtually everyone participated and profited – whites and blacks; Christians, Muslims, and Jews; Europeans, Africans, Americans, and Latin Americans. Once we recognize the shared historical responsibility for the Atlantic slave trade, we can turn our attention to “transforming the future” by eradicating its corrosive legacy.”

(Ref: It’s Time to Face the Whole Truth About the Atlantic Slave Trade. History News Network. {Online] August 13, 2007, .)

So, I decided to point out some factual information to my fellow citizens who still hold on to dividing themselves as “Black”. My hope is that it will help promote the abandonment of the “blame, grievances, prejudices or any negative presuppositions”, that set us apart. If you like we can discuss the issues.

Keep in mind that how we approach another citizen will influence how they will relate to us. Attitude shows, affects and can damage any relationship. A smile often begets a smile in return.

As a final note, my ancestry is what my father called “pre-American Native”. With his help, I forgave and chose to forget in order to become a fully enfranchised, full blooded American Citizen. I have no racial color and am a brother to all my fellow citizens without any hyphenation or qualification.

For this reason, I reach out to you my brothers and sisters, please join me and be free.

Written by Waylon Allen,
May 29, 2017


Is Race Associated with Intelligence?

Turns out that is a trick question. Currently there is no scientific consensus regarding what actually constitutes intellegence. Making the issue even more complicated, a concept of different types of intelligence is emerging from studies by neuroscientists.

So the answer has to be based on a further question: “What type of intelligence is being determined?”

The question here is specifically focused on Academic Intelligence or IQ.

The reason is because we are forced to compare the on average academic type intelligence between people called “White” and people called “Black”. The difference is often attributed to “White” racism and racial injustice.

The issue we are dealing with here, however, must be approached in three parts.

(1) Have “White” people caused “Black People”, on average, to score consistently below, on average, the IQ score of “White” people?

(2) Should “White” people be held responsible to elevate the average “Black” academic Intelligence Quotient to be equal to the average “White” IQ?

(3) Is this even possible?

We hear and read often that the “Educational system is failing Black people”. Once again, racist “Black” people are shifting blame to “White” people and demanding the inequity be fixed by “White” people.

Keep in mind that we are not suggesting that “Black” people, on average, do not excel beyond “White” people in other types of Intelligence. We are specifically addressing the issue of academic IQ here.

The only sensible and accurate way to address this charge of blame regarding IQ is to look at the factual reality. For this reason, it is”Black” people blaming “White” people for their academic inequity that makes it necessary to mount a defense.

Otherwise we could simply consider that individuals have different IQ’s and take race out of the issue.

Guess what,
all people are not
all exactly the same and
equal in capability.

If someone tells you that “Black” men seem to be more capable and perform better, on average, at Professional Football and Basketball than “White” men, would you agree?

Would this be racist?
Would this be the fault of the “Black” players or the coaches?

If someone tells you that “White” people seem to do better in school and perform better, on average, academically than “Black” people, would you agree?

Would this be racist?
Would this be the fault of the “White” students or teachers?

Individuals are different
with different levels of Social,
Athletic and Intellectual Abilities

Without question, individual people have different mental and physical abilities. It would be absurd to require, or even expect, every human being to have the exact same intelligence and athletic ability. If an educational institution or government entity initiated a program to raise the intelligence of every citizen to the same level, it would be a waste of money and effort. It would be impossible to achieve.

Regarding physical ability, a good example to consider would be professional Football or Basketball players.

Suppose the owners of the team demanded that the coaches raise the athletic ability of the White and Black players to the exact same level of skill, ability and performance. Suppose the owners accused the coaches of discrimination and racism, because the White players were consistently performing at a lower level of ability than the Black players.

So, what if the owners simply demanded that the coaches “Fix it” with no exceptions? Of course the only solution would be to require the Black players to perform at a lower level so as to not outperform the White players with lesser ability.

What effect would this have on the quality of the game?

It would be the same if we required all the runners in a race to run at the same speed. Here again, the runners would have to all reduce their speed to not exceed the speed of the slowest runner. It would not even seem like a race, however, the slowest runner would not be made to feel the slowest. All would be winners, or losers, depending on your point of view.

This is exactly what the government and many corporate and educational institutions are doing today. It is no longer a question of which individual person excels or best meets the requirements. Determinations of which individual is the best qualified, most capable, or performs the highest level must be filtered and weighed on a racial basis. The outcome must meet the prescribed racial and gender statistical standard. Any exception shows racial and gender bias and must be penalized.

In a nation that assures individual freedom for each citizen, race should not be a factor. Individual ability should be the only consideration. Who is most qualified and best suited to throw the football, run the race best, fulfill the responsibility best, be the best student, teach the students best, manage the situation best, and hold the position best should be the only consideration.

America cannot excel unless the individual citizens are allowed to excel without imposed limitations or racial bias.

Further more…

In America, there has been a mix up. With the advent of private DNA testing, the distinct lines between racial origins of individual people has become a bit blurred. It is not unusual for an individual American to find out, from such a test, that they are not purebreds.

A light skinned person with obvious ancestry in Europe might find that one, or more, of their ancestors might have African heritage. Likewise, a dark skinned person with ancestry in Africa might find that one, or more, of their ancestors might have European heritage.

It is natural that most people want to think of themselves in terms of a single geographical, ethnic and cultural origin. The ancestors of most Americans did not come from America, but came to America. Many want to preserve and celebrate their individual “racial” and cultural heritage.

We see special ethnic and cultural gatherings and celebrations from Greek-Americans, Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans, African-Americans, Native-Americans and so on. We have citizens who want to protect their “racial” integrity and avoid dissolution of their racial purity out of cultural and ethnic pride.  We also have people who want to dominate and divide racially such as, so called, White and Black supremacists. There are religions that dominate the ethnic and cultural identity of people such as Jewish-Americans and Islamic-Americans with specific religious requirements and laws.

Regardless, in America, all races, cultures, ethnicities, and religions must accept the American Culture of individual freedom and the freedoms described in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Therefore, when we say that White people are more intelligent than Black people, the statement is too general and stereotypical to apply to all individual Americans.

For example, we had a president. Barack Obama, with ancestry that was half European and half African. Does this mean that his intelligence was probably halfway between that of White and Black people?

Frankly, it is unfortunate that, as president of all Americans, he did not simply declare that he was neither White or Black or, perhaps, both. Instead he fed the dividual flames of race consciousness and racial obsession leading to even more racial polarization in America.
The book “The Black and White of Racism”, suggests that Americans abandon racialistic thinking and stop using the racial specifiers “Black” and “White” altogether. This would be a “fundamental change” that would make a profound and positive impact on race relations in this nation.

Opposition to not using these words would come from Politicians who use the words to divide and manipulate American citizens; Racial Agitators, who profit from the exportation of racial division; Government Bureaucrats, who make their living administrating racial bias against people they call “White”; Educators, who consider themselves to be Black, and teach racism in the classrooms; Educators, who consider themselves to be “White” and enlightened, who teach that “White” people take advantage of “Black” people and should be reprimanded; Hostile Religions, that use racial division to encourage converts; Our Nation’s Enemies, domestic and foreign, who want to diminish our unity as a nation and use the principle of “divide and conquer” to their advantage; and Institutions, Groups and Organizations that use “Black” to exclude “White People” and to form segregated enrollments and memberships such as The “Historically” Black Colleges, The Black Wall Street Merchants Association, The Miss Black America Pageant, The National Association of Black Accountants, The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice, The National Registry of Black Baby Names, The National Society of Black Engineers, The Congressional Caucus, and et cetera.

Perhaps, the most objection would come from the people who consider themselves to be “Black” themselves.

Considering all that has been done to help people with African heritage to improve their circumstance over recent years, Naturally these people would not want to give up the benefits of being designated as “Black”.

They would have to compete on an individual basis. Just like in football, entertainment and other areas of achievement, they would find success in excellence and less success when unqualified or less capable. No longer would the most qualified student be denied enrollment in college because they were not a minority or of African heritage, no longer would racial quotas supersede individual qualification. No longer would the best and brightest be held back and shamed for their excellence.

In this circumstance, the race card  would no longer be available. Race as an excuse would no longer be valid.  America would be stronger, more fair and unbiased. There would be no need for racial designations and we could all simply be individual Americans.

It is time for “Individual Freedom” and “Individual Opportunity” to exist without consideration of race. Any individual American that is, in any way, impeded by racial quotas or racial limitations should be supported in a legal petition to the government for their “Inalienable Rights” as American citizens.

(Inalienable rights cannot be bought, sold, or transferred from one individual citizen to another under the Constitution of the United States.)

Let’s begin to destroy racism at its roots. Stamp out the use of “Black” and “White” now used to de-individualize American citizens and stereotype them for racial purposes.

Written by Waylon Allen,
October 19, 2017



It’s Time the Black Community Address Their Own Problems, and Quit Shifting Responsibility and Blame to the White Community.

It’s time for some serious racial introspection by the people who call themselves Black.

Albert Einstein used what he called “Thought Experiments” in solving scientific problems.
Let’s do such a “Thought Experiment” to examine this issue.

Many “Black People” say their problems are caused by “White People.”

Suppose all the White People in American were exchanged with all Black People from Haiti and Africa. Would the problems now experienced by Black People go away? What would America be like if all Black?

Suppose “Black” individuals began to migrate to predominately “Black” countries. Would their problems they now face because of “White” people go away? Would they be better off?


Think and consider the answers to the above scenarios. Be honest in your considerations. The consideration of these scenarios will help identify where the real problems and responsibilities reside today, Perhaps with some honest evaluation we can focus on the actual problem and set about to address it in a realistic and productive manner.

Written by Waylon Allen,
January 12, 2018


How You Can Help Defeat Black and White Racism In America

First a few questions.

If it would help defeat Racism…

…Would you be willing to give up whatever racial color you consider yourself to be (“White” or “Black”)?
…World you be willing to give up thinking of others as racial colors?
…Would you be willing to think of yourself simply as an American Citizen without a racial color?
…Would you be willing to think of others simply as American Citizens without a racial color?
…Would you willing to base your ancestry on fact (such as DNA testing or factual history) rather than skin color?

…Would you be pleased if race agitators, instigators and manipulators had no racial label to hang around your neck and no racial stick to beat you with?

…Would you be pleased if race agitators, instigators and manipulators had no way to herd you into different racial categories to set you against each other for their purposes?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you are ready to be part of the solution to end Racism in America.
If you answered no, then you are part of the problem.

Here’s how easy it would be to strike a major blow to racism in America and help defeat the forces that want to keep our nation divided.

Take away the oxygen that fuels the flames of Racism
and extinguish the volatile labels used by the racial agitators and adherents.

Start by making the use of the racial terms “Black” and “White” unacceptable. They are used to divide and categorize very diverse people for political and racist purposes. Without putting us into these defined opposing categories, we cannot be manipulated individually by the division.

The words “Black” and “White” depicting race have no anthropological or scientific basis and cannot withstand legal challenge. The words themselves are racist in origin.

Make the “B” word and the “W” word the same as the “N” word.

Race designations should only be valid with a DNA verification. People of mixed racial DNA  should be considered “multi-racial” and not considered to be legally of any particular single race. Multi-Racial individuals should be considered “Indeterminate” if a classification is necessary.

The use of “Black” and “White” by the Government, Educational Institutions and business to racially designate and categorize individual citizens should be challenged in court, if necessary, to stop the use. The use of these words by these entities puts them in the position of encouraging racism and racial division.

Self-designation of race or ancestry by skin pigmentation alone should NOT be considered valid without DNA testing and proven ancestral verification. Unless an individual has been proven to have 100% Caucasian (European) or 100% Negroid (African) DNA, that person should not legally be assigned a specific race. They should be considered only as an “American Citizen.”

All American Citizens should be free to compete “on a level playing field” in all areas of American life. Each citizen should be subject to their individual merits and character. No citizen should be favored or disfavored based on an undermined perception of race. Let individual performance prevail in an environment of free enterprise and unimpeded individual accomplishment. As in sports, the best should be encouraged to excel and enjoy the benefits of exceptionalism. Those that excel should NOT be considered as taking the advantage over the less capable.

In like manner, we should hold no individual citizen responsible for the failure or inadequacies of another individual citizen.

One of the most contentious issues relating to racism is slavery. This issue must be addressed and resolved.

It is important to understand that there were both European and African individuals who owned slaves prior to the Civil War. (Less than 6% of European ownership and 9% Free African ownership, during that period, owned slaves.)

Because of the small percentage of people who were slave owners in the past, both African (Negroid) and European (Caucasian}, it is statically unlikely that any random individual American, regardless of perceived race, has slave owner ancestry.

Conversely, it is just as likely that any random individual, regardless of perceived race, has slave owner ancestry as another. There is much less than a 9% chance that any American Citizen we might meet on the street, either “White” or “Black”, is related to a slave owner in the past.

Statically again, regardless of perceived race, over 90% of all American citizens have NO chance of being related to a pre-civil war slave owner.

For this reason, it is unreasonable, ignorant and absurd to make an accusation of Slave ancestral participation toward any individual American.

This is why we must update and correct the historical misinformation regarding colonial America and the period of slavery. We must require that the Media and Education Institutions correct the racial misconceptions and teach the full and real historical facts.

(Here’s a bit of self-promotion: The book “The Black and White of Racism” by Waylon Allen and the website and this website reference some of the facts and misrepresentations that exist today. Objective research will reveal that much of what is taught today about indentured servitude and slavery in early America is incomplete and often misrepresented.)

And finally, we should let the Government continue to provide for the disadvantaged based on a designated criteria available to all citizens equally in such need. However, we should require that all capable individuals perform some work or service in return for any government assistance.

In this way, Americas will be striving together as truly free individuals, unencumbered by racial divisions and animosity. Together we can accomplish the most, and compete to be the best, as a nation for the ultimate mutual benefit of all.

Here’s Some Things You Can Do To Help:

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Explain why, and urge other to join in.

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Written by Waylon Allen,
December 28, 2017

“White Americans who Fought for Civil Rights” by Veronica Patton

When all we Americans can find mutual respect and appreciation for what we TOGETHER  have accomplished, without animosity, blame or resentment, we can begin to march forward as a united people intent on individual freedom and prosperity. Not all the exact same, but each seeking our individual best.

Here is a link to an article by Veronica Patton that exemplifies this principle

“White Americans who Fought for Civil Rights
by Veronica Patton


We Can Never Unite As Individual Citizens Until We Overcome Black Racial Animosity, Resentment and Hate.

We have to look this issue straight in the eye and call it what it is.

When someone holds a grudge against others, for no factual reason, there can be no way toward reconciliation. When the grudge is focused on innocent individuals grouped in false racial categories, the animosity should be challenged and refuted.

For these reasons, the issue of “Black” racial enmity toward people they consider to be “White” is baseless and erroneous. This effort to polarize other individual citizens using stereotypical categorizing should be denounced for the distorted racist depiction it represents.

First, not all people who consider themselves to be “Black” hold these feelings. This is specific to the people who hold these feeling of enmity for other citizens they generalize as “White”.

Citizens, who set themselves apart with pseudo-racial categorizing such as “Black” or “White”, are already demonstrating a racialist mind-set. While often unknowingly, speaking and thinking in terms of “Black and White” people contributes to divisional thinking about other American citizens

This type of racist stereotypical thinking ignores the individuality of each citizen and imposes presupposed assumptions without any verification or proof. The principle of “innocent until proven guilty” is abandoned in this racist minded effort to apply guilt. The charges are based on the Read more “We Can Never Unite As Individual Citizens Until We Overcome Black Racial Animosity, Resentment and Hate.”