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There is much discussion
today about racism.
Often it seems one sided.

As the philosopher,
Baruch Spinoza, noted:
No matter how thin
you slice it, there will always
be two sides

This then is an effort to look
at, and discuss, the
other side of racism.

(Article 01)
Are People Called White
More Intelligent
Than People Called Black?

(Article 02)
We Can Never Unite As Individual Citizens
Until We Overcome Black Racial Animosity,
Resentment and Hate.

(Article 03)
Black Hypocrisy

(Article 04)
It Was Never About Race.
It Was Always About Culture.

(Article 05)
What Is White Privilege?

  (Article 06)
Are All Americans Equal?

 (Article 07)
Why We Must Abandon Racial Distinctions
Now In America

(Article 08)
Can Individual People Really Be Defined By Color?

(Article 09)
Will Fundamental Change Solve
the “White Problem”?

(Article 10)
Comments Regarding the Book
“The Black and White of Racism”

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Call to Abolish Racial Distinctions
or Discrimination between American Citizens

Americans Must Unify as Individuals not Groups

Can We Cross the Racial Divide Together?

How Do You Identify Yourself?

Some Say
There Is No Such Thing As Race

Read about “The Black and White of Racism”


We are often Right even when we are Wrong.

It is easy to always be right. Just associate and talk only with people who agree with you.

We all have a tendency to do this because it is unpleasant to have someone question or disagree with what we think or believe to be true. It is far more pleasant to have someone reinforce our point of view and confirm that we are indeed Right!

The problem is, when people only talk with people in groups that agree with themselves, the issues cannot be resolved. The different groups of “like think” simply stay divided and perhaps even come to physical conflict.

We have a great nation together. We must reconcile our differences to survive in the competitive and dangerous world we live in today. The expression “A house divided against itself will not stand” is a prophecy for what is to come for America if we cannot stand together as a nation to face the challenges that exist today.

Pointing out the problems of others only divides. Only when we consider and address our own problems can solutions be accomplished.

It is time to openly discuss our differences, not for division, but for our individual and person introspection. We have to look back at ourselves with the same critical eye we view others.

If we are willing to blame others, then we must be open to having that blame challenged and perhaps turned back on ourselves. We must judge ourselves in the same manner we judge others.

Change and solutions begin within.

“If you change yourself, you will change your world. If you change how you think, then you will change how you feel and what actions you take. And so the world around you will change.” –Mahatma Gandhi



Are People Called White More Intelligent than People Called Black?

If someone tells you that “Black” men are more capable and perform better, on average, at Football and Basketball than “White” men, would you agree?

If someone tells you that “White” people are, on average, more intelligent that “Black” people, would you agree?

Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, does not mention, in the video below, why “Black” men excel at Football, but makes a powerful case, in a similar manner, that “White” people excel in intelligent above “Black” people. In the YouTube video titled “Race Differences in Intelligence”, Mr. Taylor explains why it is important to recognize this fact, and why we, as a nation, should base our expectations on reality rather than blame and guilt when it comes to race and achievement.

Here are quotes from the beginning statement by Mr. Taylor in the video. Be sure to view the complete video for a very comprehensive and fact based commentary on the subject. We also recommend that you visit the American Renaissance website at

“I would like to talk to you about racial differences in intelligence. I realize this is an unpleasant subject. Even if different races have different IQs, why talk about it. The truth is, Whites have to talk about it if only in self-defense. In America, and in every other majority White country, if non-whites, especially Blacks, do not perform at the same level as Whites, the inevitable explanation is White racism. It’s our fault.

But what if, on average, people of different races don’t have the same IQ? Differences in intelligence are a big part of why some people do better in life than others. Could it be that Blacks do poorly in school, for example, not because schools are racist but because, on average, they are not as smart as Whites. If that’s true, it may not make much sense to try to narrow the racial gap in achievement. Instead, maybe we should be trying  to simply improve the performance of all children, and not worry about the gap.

So what’s the evidence for racial differences in intelligence? Actually that’s the wrong question. The right question is why would anyone think that Blacks and Whites, for example, have the same average level of intellegence? There are certainly smart Blacks and stupid Whites, but why would anyone think that the people who live in the Congo are just as smart as the people who live Sweden.

Before Black Africans had contact with outsiders, not one African society had invented the wheel. No Blacks had a written language or a calendar. No Blacks had built a two story building or mechanical device, or had domesticated any beast of burden.

All this suggests a low average level of intelligence.

Black Africa has now been in contact with the outside world for hundreds of years, but it is still where you find the countries with the most poverty, the shortest life expectancy and the lowest levels of economic development.

Many people will tell you Africa is poor because it was colonized and exploited by Europeans. Not so, the most extensively colonized parts, such as South Africa, Ivory Coast and Nigeria, are now the most advanced parts of Africa. Ethiopia and Liberia, which were never colonized, are among the poorest places in Africa.

And do you know which country in the Western Hemisphere was the first to become independent after the United States freed itself from Britain? It was Haiti. Haiti, which has an almost entirely African population, has been independent for nearly 200 years. But it has a profile of poverty, disease, corruption and under development that makes it a perfect match for Black Africa.

Its history is very different from African countries, and it is 4,000 miles away, across an ocean, but African people have brought a typically African society to the new world.

Wherever Blacks live outside of Africa, but among people of other races, they show the same patterns of generally less successful behavior. This is true of Canada and Britain, for example, which never had a history of slavery or Jim Crow.

Does this mean that White people brutally mistreat Black people all over the world wherever they go, or do Black and White People have different level or ability?

Here in the United States, there are about 16,000 different school districts. There isn’t a single one in which black students perform at the same level as Whites. Is every one of those 16,000 districts run by racists trying to keep Black people down? Or are there simply racial differences in intelligence?” — Jared Taylor

View the entire video:

Following are Some Further Comments by Waylon Allen after viewing the video:

Without question, individual people have different mental and physical abilities. It would be absurd to require, or even expect, every human being to have the exact same intelligence and athletic ability. If an educational institution or government entity initiated a program to raise the intelligence of every citizen to the same level, it would be a waste of money and effort. It would be impossible to achieve.

Regarding physical ability, a good example to consider would be professional Football or Basketball players.

Suppose the owners of the team demanded that the coaches raise the athletic ability of the White and Black players to the exact same level of skill, ability and performance. Suppose the owners accused the coaches of discrimination and racism, because the White players were consistently performing at a lower level of ability than the Black players.

So, what if the owners simply demanded that the coaches “Fix it” with no exceptions. Of course the only solution would be to require the Black players to perform at a lower level so as to not outperform the White players with lesser ability.

What effect would this have on the quality of the game?

It would be the same if we required all the runners in a race to run at the same speed. Here again, the runners would have to all reduce their speed to not exceed the speed of the slowest runner. It would not even seem like a race, however, the slowest runner would not be made to feel the slowest. All would be winners, or losers, depending on your point of view.

This is exactly what the government and many corporate and educational institutions are doing today. It is no longer a question of which individual person excels or best meets the requirements. Determinations of which individual is the best qualified, most capable, or performs the highest level must be filtered and weighed on a racial basis. The outcome must meet the prescribed racial and gender statistical standard. Any exception shows racial and gender bias and must be penalized.

In a nation that assures individual freedom for each citizen, race should not be a factor. Individual ability should be the only consideration. Who is most qualified and best suited to throw the football, run the race best, fulfill the responsibility best, be the best student, teach the students best, manage the situation best, and hold the position best should be the only consideration.
America cannot excel unless the individual citizens are allowed to excel without imposed limitations or racial bias.


We Can Never Unite As Individual Citizens Until We Overcome Black Racial Animosity, Resentment and Hate.

We have to look this issue straight in the eye and call it what it is.

When someone holds a grudge against others, for no factual reason, there can be no way toward reconciliation. When the grudge is focused on innocent individuals grouped in false racial categories, the animosity should be challenged and refuted.

For these reasons, the issue of “Black” racial enmity toward people they consider to be “White” is baseless and erroneous. This effort to polarize other individual citizens using stereotypical categorizing should be denounced for the distorted racist depiction it represents.

First, not all people who consider themselves to be “Black” hold these feelings. This is specific to the people who hold these feeling of enmity for other citizens they generalize as “White”.

Citizens, who set themselves apart with pseudo-racial categorizing such as “Black” or “White”, are already demonstrating a racialist mind-set. While often unknowingly, speaking and thinking in terms of “Black and White” people contributes to divisional thinking about other American citizens

This type of racist stereotypical thinking ignores the individuality of each citizen and imposes presupposed assumptions without any verification or proof. The principle of “innocent until proven guilty” is abandoned in this racist minded effort to apply guilt. The charges are based on the Read more “We Can Never Unite As Individual Citizens Until We Overcome Black Racial Animosity, Resentment and Hate.”

Black Hypocrisy

Anything that polarizes, divides, excludes or segregates American citizens is wrong and intolerable. It was in the past and it is, likewise, today. If it is not wrong today, then it should be acceptable for people who consider themselves to be “White” or any skin color or racial distinction.

Educational segregation was abolished in the United States by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Public exclusion or discrimination based on perceived race or skin color was also abolished.

Yet we have far ranging de facto segregation and public exclusion existing today throughout America. With unabashed discrimination, a group of people based on a particular range of skin tone and a concept of pure racial integrity, practice a form of racially designated segregation and exclusion.

It is the “Black” movement. The movement sets itself apart as the “Black Community”. This tribal, exclusive association is superficial and specific to dark skin, or somewhat dark skin people. Similar to the racialism of Hitler’s Germany, a perception of racial purity and exclusivity drives the Read more “Black Hypocrisy”

What Is White Privilege?

Once again, people with a racialistic mindset stereotype a very large diverse group of people based on skin tone alone. Regardless of their economic, intellectual, educational, health, physical condition, location in the nation or country of origin, these racial minded people lump every person with a certain range of skin tone as exactly alike in circumstance and situation.  They are all “White” and they each share a special exclusive “privilege” not available to other people with a different range of skin tone. In this view, a so called “white” person from Appalachia, who arrives in New York City as a hobo in a railroad boxcar, has privileges not available to a poor black millionaire basketball star arriving by limousine.

So called “White Privilege” is an accepted subject on many college campuses and endorsed by many professors in the institutions. It is indicative of the absurd curricular now passing as education today at some university institutions. Using the same stereotypical terminology
used to define “White Privilege”, in actually the terminology should be “White Achievement”.

The book, “The Black and White of Racism” by Waylon Allen addresses this issue:

“Any advantage or achievement an individual person has, regardless of skin color, has a history and cause. It does not just pop out of thin air or just infuse the skin with whiteness and privilege. There is a reason why someone has a situation or position of excellence. Most often it is earned, sometimes if is inherited, it might be simply good fortune like winning the lottery. (1)

If an individual can excel in this nation, then they will likely prosper regardless of so call “privilege” or skin tone. Read more “What Is White Privilege?”

Why We Must Abandon Racial Distinctions Now in America

(I am responding here to a person that wrote on Twitter: “Race is real and goes deeper than mere skin color. Different races create different cultures. The races aren’t interchangeable. Pushing the false claim that race is simply skin color is not advisable & is particularly harmful to whites. The P.C. lie that you are pushing is used to get whites to not advocate for their group interests.”)

By “Whites” I assume you mean Europeans, or perhaps Caucasians.

If “White people” in America could go back to 1607 when the first Europeans established a settlement in Jamestown and make some changes, things would be very different now.

If the “White” settlers had turned away the Dutch ship that arrived at Jamestown on “a stormy day in August 1619” with 20 Africans on board, things would be very different now.

If the “Whites” had never allowed non-Europeans to become American citizens over the years, things would be very different now.

However the Africans, and the other non-Europeans, came in large numbers and became legal, full-fledged American citizens under our Constitution and Bill or Rights.

There is no turning back. We have to deal with the situation as it is today. Like it or not, we are a nation of people who consider themselves to be of different races and cultures. We are divided and fragmented…and divided, we are falling together into a turmoil of potential mutual destruction as a nation.

Unless we can find a way to unite as a people and citizens, our nation will crumble within, and be defeated by our enemies in the world. As Ben Franklin said long ago when we faced external forces, “If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately”.

We are on the verge of serious “racial” and “cultural” civil strife. We see the violence building in our streets, at political meetings and in our Universities. The impending disorder is recognized by most of us. Our problems are deeper than “skin color”. Going forward as we are today “is not advisable & is particularly harmful” to us all.

Like it or not we must begin now to dismantle our divisions and seek grounds for unity.

This is why I have decided to challenge how people who consider themselves to be “Black” feel toward people they consider to be “White”. To use racial terms, this is why I decided to challenge “Black Racism”, “Black Animosity” and “Black Blame” directed at “White People”.

This is why I took the time, and made the effort, to write and publish the book “The Black and White of Racism”. This is why I set up this forum for discussion of racial issues.

This is why I am up now at 3:27 A.M. writing this response.

I am extremely concerned. Not for myself, I am in my 70’s. My time remaining is short. My concern is for my children, my grandchildren and my beloved nation and fellow citizens. We have so much to appreciate and be thankful for together. We have so much to lose in division.

And the irony is that I am, what the writer from twitter might call, an “Indian”, “native American” or perhaps, “a red skin”. I am actually, however, what I consider to be a “full blooded, totally enfranchised, American Citizen”.

So let’s begin, as citizens, to forget, forgive and forbear. Let’s look forward, not backwards, with a mutual resolution to get along together. Every one of us must make profound personal changes in attitude and perception. Let’s focus on things that will unite us not divide us as a nation. Let’s share without envy, jealousy or greed the bounty of our nation together according to our individually earned measure.

It will be difficult, it will require restraint and empathy. It will not happen immediately or without setbacks. However, with determination and an understanding of what is necessary for our survival together as a nation, we can be a United States of America.

I suggest you begin now by reading my book The Black and White of Racism” . I have attempted to state some facts that should be known and understood by every American Citizen regardless of skin pigmentation, cultural identity or geographical origin. I have put forth some considerations that might contribute to resolving our perceived “racial” differences.

I wrote the book in the same spirit I have written this. I sincerely want us to prevail and prosper as a nation together. Like some of my ancestors, I have looked at the future horizon with fear and dread, and now say to you my brothers and sisters,  “Turn Away…take a different path”.

—Waylon Allen

Will Fundamental Change Solve the “White Problem”?

Reading Twitter tweets regarding “racism” has convinced me that people who consider themselves to be “Black” have extreme dislike and resentment toward people they consider “White”. They seem to feel that America and their lives would be better should the “Whites” simply migrate elsewhere and leave the Nation to themselves and the people who migrated into America in recent years.

All the problems of ”Black People” would be eliminated and they would have all the economy, institutions, government, military strength and status in the world for themselves.

In reality, if all the people considered to be “White” would leave the Nation, the fundamental change would be disastrous. Just imagine what it would be like without the “damnable white folks” around.

So keep on demeaning and demonizing the mainstream Americans that have been categorized into the stereotype of “Racist White People”. These are the people who have made a substantial contribution in making America what it is today, and keeping it what it is today.

If things continue in the current direction, “the White Problem” may well begin to migrate out of the country, taking their businesses, skills, Read more “Will Fundamental Change Solve the “White Problem”?”

Americans Must Unify as Individuals not as Groups

The interests that define Americans as groups do not want a unified nation of individual citizens. Politicians use division to manipulate the people. Social provocateurs gain wealth and influence by grouping individuals as races in opposition.

Social polarization is effective in causing individual citizens to focus on opposing views rather than uniting in demanding mutual benefits. In this way, a government by and for the people is subverted and the political and special interest are able to determine the agenda for their own purposes.

Notice how the politicians and racial instigators grow wealthy while we, the people, bicker in alienation and dissension.

Social progress in America has advanced through the enforcement of individual freedom and rights. No American can deny the individual rights of each and all citizens. It has always been the majority of individual Americans that has demanded that liberty be extended to all citizens.

From the Abolition movement that insisted on individual rights for a minority of enslaved people, too weak and oppressed to speak up for Read more “Americans Must Unify as Individuals not as Groups”

Call to Abolish Racial Distinctions or Discrimination between American Citizens

1.      Designating citizens using categories such as “White” or “Black” is not valid.
(a)   The words “White” or “Black” are nonspecific and vaguely stereotypical having nothing to do with factual ancestry.
(b)   There is no scientific or geological definition associated with the words.

2.      Designating citizens based on skin pigmentation for special considerations is not valid.
(a)   Skin pigmentation is no indication of ancestry or geological origin.
(b)   No specific degree of skin pigmentation has been established to indicate unadulterated ancestral relationships.

Read more “Call to Abolish Racial Distinctions or Discrimination between American Citizens”