Can Individual People Really Be Defined By Color?

There was a time, perhaps in colonial America through early 19th century, that some Americans could be considered of “pure” race.  During that period there were some people who were thought to be racially “pure” with 100% Negroid, 100% Caucasoid, or 100% Mongoloid DNA. That day has passed.

No longer are there many Americans of African ancestry or European ancestry that are not racially mixed. In fact the very concept of race is being challenged scientifically (See below). Yet people today, with a racial mindset, still continue to assign race to individual American citizens. These racialists still lump individual citizens into stereotypical racial groups based on skin pigmentation alone.

By using  racialistic terms like “White”, “Black”, “Brown” or “Yellow”, today’s racialist perpetuates the false premise that individual Americans can be defined and categorized in racial communities, tribes or  classifications that are exactly the same in total ancestry and racial DNA purity. Like Hitler’s Germany, racial purity is used today to promote division and disharmony among the populace. From divisive politicians to racial instigators, our citizens are divided and polarized for political and economic purposes.

This is the pervasive racialism that must be identified and addressed today in America. This modern form of racism infects our government and education institutions, as well as, our society at large. Many seem obsessed with the false concept of pure race.

The book, “The Black and White of Racism” by Waylon Allen” (page 7-8), effectively addresses this issue and points to a college class experiment as an example of how to deal with the situation:

“A college class at West Chester University in Pennsylvania used DNA testing of saliva to show how “mixed up” we Americans actually are racially. In a Washington Post online article by Susan Syrluga which was published December 24, 2016 with the headline suggesting, “To bring a divided country together, start with a little split”. Instructor Anita Foeman asked her students to take the DNA test with interesting results. The article notes:

‘Instead of a confrontational approach, trying to provoke people into recognizing their own biases, (Anita Forman) wanted something that would pull people together, or at least give them a neutral place from which to start to talk. And with racial divides so stark, she wanted to add some nuance and depth. She wondered: What if people started finding out things they didn’t know about themselves?’

The results demonstrated the racial mix:

‘…When I opened my results, the first thing that greeted me was 6 percent African,” said a student with light skin in the back of the classroom, smacking herself in the forehead, mouth open wide, to recreate her reaction the night before: ‘Whaaaaat?’

‘I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised,’ she added. ‘I know a lot of African American people have some white DNA, so I shouldn’t be surprised there’s some African in me.’

…One woman of Chinese descent told Foeman, ‘It’s okay for you — you already know you’re mixed up. I don’t want to find out I’m not pure.’

…Foeman has seen people drop out of the project after getting their results, including three people who identified as African American who were upset to find out how much European ancestry they had. Some people refuse to take the test.

…The DNA test ‘helps us understand we’re not all from one special place, which is really peculiar to America,’ Devor said. ‘Because we’re all from different areas, with different ideas that come with that ethnic culture. What makes America great is we have all those cultures combined.’

…Foeman, who is African American — and genetically more than one-quarter European, as she now knows — would like to test as many people as she can. … Most of all, she’d like to get everyone talking.’ *

( * By Susan Surluga. “To Bring a Divided Country Together, Start With a Little Spit. Washington Post Online. [Online] December 24, 2016. Click To View )

It is time to stop defining individual American citizens by false and inaccurate racial stereotypes. It is time to admit that we must all address the racialism embedded in our personal language and minds. We are all one humanity and all Earthlings under the same Sun in our vast Universe.

Once an Individual is defined as an American Citizen, there is no need to discriminate further for any purpose.

(Not only are we mixed in racial terms, but in fact, we are all of the same race…the single human race. Science now suggests that the only difference is based on our region of development. For example, skin color is determined by the degree of sun intensity in a particular region. Over time, exposure to the intense sun’s infrared light effects the DNA of the people in the region causing them to have darker skin than people in regions of less sun intensity. For this reason, we can determine a person’s region of development by their DNA which is affected by environmental conditions and not by a separate race designation. Biologically we are all of the same race. We are, in fact, one people from different locations on Earth. 

Written by Waylon Allen,
May 14, 2017


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