How You Can Help Defeat Black and White Racism In America

First a few questions.

If it would help defeat Racism…

…Would you be willing to give up whatever racial color you consider yourself to be (“White” or “Black”)?
…World you be willing to give up thinking of others as racial colors?
…Would you be willing to think of yourself simply as an American Citizen without a racial color?
…Would you be willing to think of others simply as American Citizens without a racial color?
…Would you willing to base your ancestry on fact (such as DNA testing or factual history) rather than skin color?

…Would you be pleased if race agitators, instigators and manipulators had no racial label to hang around your neck and no racial stick to beat you with?

…Would you be pleased if race agitators, instigators and manipulators had no way to herd you into different racial categories to set you against each other for their purposes?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you are ready to be part of the solution to end Racism in America.
If you answered no, then you are part of the problem.

Here’s how easy it would be to strike a major blow to racism in America and help defeat the forces that want to keep our nation divided.

Take away the oxygen that fuels the flames of Racism
and extinguish the volatile labels used by the racial agitators and adherents.

Start by making the use of the racial terms “Black” and “White” unacceptable. They are used to divide and categorize very diverse people for political and racist purposes. Without putting us into these defined opposing categories, we cannot be manipulated individually by the division.

The words “Black” and “White” depicting race have no anthropological or scientific basis and cannot withstand legal challenge. The words themselves are racist in origin.

Make the “B” word and the “W” word the same as the “N” word.

Race designations should only be valid with a DNA verification. People of mixed racial DNA  should be considered “multi-racial” and not considered to be legally of any particular single race. Multi-Racial individuals should be considered “Indeterminate” if a classification is necessary.

The use of “Black” and “White” by the Government, Educational Institutions and business to racially designate and categorize individual citizens should be challenged in court, if necessary, to stop the use. The use of these words by these entities puts them in the position of encouraging racism and racial division.

Self-designation of race or ancestry by skin pigmentation alone should NOT be considered valid without DNA testing and proven ancestral verification. Unless an individual has been proven to have 100% Caucasian (European) or 100% Negroid (African) DNA, that person should not legally be assigned a specific race. They should be considered only as an “American Citizen.”

All American Citizens should be free to compete “on a level playing field” in all areas of American life. Each citizen should be subject to their individual merits and character. No citizen should be favored or disfavored based on an undermined perception of race. Let individual performance prevail in an environment of free enterprise and unimpeded individual accomplishment. As in sports, the best should be encouraged to excel and enjoy the benefits of exceptionalism. Those that excel should NOT be considered as taking the advantage over the less capable.

In like manner, we should hold no individual citizen responsible for the failure or inadequacies of another individual citizen.

One of the most contentious issues relating to racism is slavery. This issue must be addressed and resolved.

It is important to understand that there were both European and African individuals who owned slaves prior to the Civil War. (Less than 6% of European ownership and 9% Free African ownership, during that period, owned slaves.)

Because of the small percentage of people who were slave owners in the past, both African (Negroid) and European (Caucasian}, it is statically unlikely that any random individual American, regardless of perceived race, has slave owner ancestry.

Conversely, it is just as likely that any random individual, regardless of perceived race, has slave owner ancestry as another. There is much less than a 9% chance that any American Citizen we might meet on the street, either “White” or “Black”, is related to a slave owner in the past.

Statically again, regardless of perceived race, over 90% of all American citizens have NO chance of being related to a pre-civil war slave owner.

For this reason, it is unreasonable, ignorant and absurd to make an accusation of Slave ancestral participation toward any individual American.

This is why we must update and correct the historical misinformation regarding colonial America and the period of slavery. We must require that the Media and Education Institutions correct the racial misconceptions and teach the full and real historical facts.

(Here’s a bit of self-promotion: The book “The Black and White of Racism” by Waylon Allen and the website and this website reference some of the facts and misrepresentations that exist today. Objective research will reveal that much of what is taught today about indentured servitude and slavery in early America is incomplete and often misrepresented.)

And finally, we should let the Government continue to provide for the disadvantaged based on a designated criteria available to all citizens equally in such need. However, we should require that all capable individuals perform some work or service in return for any government assistance.

In this way, Americas will be striving together as truly free individuals, unencumbered by racial divisions and animosity. Together we can accomplish the most, and compete to be the best, as a nation for the ultimate mutual benefit of all.

Here’s Some Things You Can Do To Help:

Began to speak out against using racial colors.

Explain why, and urge other to join in.

If you like, direct others to this website and article. (

Make your feelings known in the comments here

Join us on Twitter at #NoRacialColors that is just starting.

Use the Contact Form to reach me directly if you wish.

You will be part of the very beginning of this effort.
Please help.

Written by Waylon Allen,
December 28, 2017

4 Replies to “How You Can Help Defeat Black and White Racism In America”

  1. This is a great idea! I have often wished there was something i could do to help deal with the racial problem. At least I can now make some effort. From now on I’m colorless.

  2. Sign me up. Not only is this the least I can do…but it might be the most I can do as well. I plan to stop thinking Black and White and urging my friends to consider doing the same. Look forward to reading your book.

  3. I love the idea of people taking DNA tests before they are considered any race because very few American’s would be able to claim one race. Most American’s would be “indeterminate” regardless of skin color. It would make many “white” people think and stop being afraid of being called racist and if “white” people weren’t afraid of being called racist then maybe they would start standing up for themselves when they weren’t being treated fair. It would also be harder to “divide and conquer”.

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