It’s Time the Black Community Address Their Own Problems, and Quit Shifting Responsibility and Blame to the White Community.

It’s time for some serious racial introspection by the people who call themselves Black.

Albert Einstein used what he called “Thought Experiments” in solving scientific problems.
Let’s do such a “Thought Experiment” to examine this issue.

Many “Black People” say their problems are caused by “White People.”

Suppose all the White People in American were exchanged with all Black People from Haiti and Africa. Would the problems now experienced by Black People go away? What would America be like if all Black?

Suppose “Black” individuals began to migrate to predominately “Black” countries. Would their problems they now face because of “White” people go away? Would they be better off?


Think and consider the answers to the above scenarios. Be honest in your considerations. The consideration of these scenarios will help identify where the real problems and responsibilities reside today, Perhaps with some honest evaluation we can focus on the actual problem and set about to address it in a realistic and productive manner.

Written by Waylon Allen,
January 12, 2018


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