Many People Do Not See Themselves as Black or White.

Not everyone subscribes to racial colors. Many Americans do not constantly think in racial terms and concentrate of racial identity.

Admittedly it is difficult when all around us the news media, politicians, governmental agencies, educators and racial agitators bombard us with racial categorizing and division.

These nonracial Americans are in the forefront of liberating our nation from the affliction of racial obsession. They are truly Americans, often with blended racial heritage. They project no blame and accept no guilt. They transcend the racial quagmire that undermines the unity of American citizens and exercise the opportunities of living in a nation of individual liberty and opportunity. Most often they excel as citizens.

Some have light skin, some have dark skin, but all understand that skin pigmentation does not make them separate as American citizens. They see themselves as human beings, members of the human race, and Americans first and foremost.

This is not to say that these racially colorless individuals do not see themselves with cultural and ethnic heritages. However, for these “racial transcendents” ethnicity is secondary to being fully enfranchised and united American citizens.

They do not fit any of the stereotypes associated with race. They are often the truly intelligent Americans, not the pretentious educators who feign moral superiority, nor the racial instigators that use racial division to their personal benefit. They are Americans first and foremost.

They are the hope and promise of the United States of America.

Written by Waylon Allen,
November 5, 2017

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