The Ku Klux Klan were Democrats Killing White and Black Republicans, Not Slaves

The more I look into the issue of racial history in America, the more misinformation and misconception I discover.

For years I took it for granted that the information presented to me was factual. Turns out I was wrong and very much misinformed. It was not until I did the research for the book, “The Black and White of Racism” that I began to realize how truly misled I have been over the years.

Here is an example I just came across:|
(See Video Below with the Facts)

It seems that the Democrats started the Ku Klux Klan in the South after the Civil War to harass and terrorize the Republicans committed to reinforcing Reconstruction. During this period, over a 1000 white people and over 3000 black people were put to death by KKK lynching, not because of race, but because they were Republicans. The KKK was hanging “Black” and “White” people specifically because they were Republicans. Naturally, since there were many fewer “White” Republicans in the South at that time, there were fewer “White” Republican hangings than “Black” Republicans. It is noted that “Blacks” could become Democrats during that time to escape the Democrat’s ropes.

Consider how the Democrats of today react to people who disagree with them. They deny the validity of a duly elected President. A Democratic congresswoman actually told a New York audience that she wants to ‘take out’ president Trump. Based on past experience, it would seem that the representative would like to return to the past practice of lynching the opposition.

The Democrats even refer to the people who exercised their Constitutional right to vote for the candidate of their choice as “Deplorable”.  Here again suggesting, perhaps, they should be ridiculed and reprimanded at best, or violently punished at worse.

The Democrats have hidden their robes and pointed hats, and created a facade of false ideology to fool the membership. By dividing the citizenry against each other they have effectively used social issues to entice loyalty while cloaking their true agenda under the guise of liberalism.

In reality, the Democratic core agenda is Socialism. With promises of economic parity and redistribution of wealth, they coax their followers to forsake individual liberty, initiative, and opportunity for failed socialistic principles that have rendered such nations as Russia in the past, and more recently, Argentina, into economic and social chaos.

Now instead of the white robes of the KKK, we see the black attire and masks of Democratic Marxist inflicting violence in our streets, at political meetings and at our Universities. They are using violence and the threat of violence, once again, to stifle free speech and political freedom in an effort to crush all opposition.

The same manipulative and bigoted tyrannical Democratic regime of old has reappeared today to, once again, target the opposition with violent retribution

Now a similar group of “Democrat Like” individuals have taken up the mantle of the KKK in a similar malevolent effort to suppress individual freedom and the rights of citizens. They are no less offensive today as were the Democratic KKK of the past.

Following is a video regarding the Democratic Ku Klux Klan organization, and the hanging of “White” and “Black” Republicans, that caught my attention along with some references I came across in researching the facts presented in the video:

I searched Google with the question:
How many White Republicans were lynched by Democarats. Click to see what I found.

When the full truth is finally realized by all Americans regarding race and racism, the current view regarding the issue will be vastly changed.

Written by Waylon Allen,
October 23, 2017





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