The Nature of Black Racism

There are many people who consider themselves to be “Black” that are not Racist. They consider themselves to be full-fledged Americans without a racial hyphenation. However, for some people, “Black Racism” is epidemic. Following are examples of how to identify a “Black Racist”.

“Black Racism” can be defined as:

(1) An Obsession with racial identity by many people who consider themselves to be “Black”.

For the “Black Racist”, it’s all about race. They project race into most social, educational and business situations. Race is the central focus of their existence. It taints all aspects of their lives. It infuses their thinking and talking with one another. It is at the center of their lives fermenting blame, envy, resentment, animosity, and in many cases, hatred for the “White Oppressors”.

(2) Stereotypical categorizing of “White People” as “Racist” and “Anti-Black” based on skin pigmentation alone.

For the “Black Racist, all people with light skin are racist, and children of racist, until proven otherwise. They demonize a large diverse population of people they consider to be White” without any individualized proof or historical evidence of wrong doing. It is a wholesale indictment that reflects the worst elements of racism.

(3) Shifting individual and personal responsibility for bad actions and behavior to other people they consider to be “White”.

“Black Racist” have altered the term “The Devil made me do it” to “White people caused me (or us) to do it”. They use it like a “Get Our of Fault Free” card. Regardless of the unacceptable behavior, from mob violence to out of proportion crime statistics, it is the fault of “White” people and the injustice they have suffered being black in America. Using the antithesis of Dr. King’s dream, the “Black Racist” insists that they Not be “judged by the content of their character” but excused because of the “color of their skin”.

(4) Blaming people they call “White” for their own inadequacies and failures.

The “Black Racist” ignores the fact that, as Africans, they should measure their perceived advancement, or lack of, in America in comparison to Africans that never left African rather than compare themselves with non-Africans. This would be the only scientific and reasonable way to measure such advancement or cultural change.

Over the past 400 years in America, “Blacks” with African heritage in America are no longer the same intellectually and culturally as “Blacks” in Africa today. The difference is the cultural and intellectual change they have made in being in America rather than Africa. From the perspective of Western Culture this cultural and intellectual change could be considered “Advancement”. However, from the African perspective, it might be considered “Cultural Erosion or Loss” on the part of American “Blacks”.

If we compare the first Africans that arrived in Jamestown in the 1600s, with the Europeans that also arrived, there was a distinct difference then. It is reasonable to assume that the cultural and intellectual difference, based on Western cultural standards* that existed then, has continued for some “Blacks”  to some degree generally since that time. Of course, there are a large number of exceptions individually with individual, so called, “White” people falling behind in intellect and education over the time. The issue is only under consideration because of the accusation made by “Black” racist that any inequity is caused by racism on the part of “White” people.  Today, on an individual basis, many people who consider themselves to be “Black” are fully enculturated and more intellectually advanced than many people who consider themselves “White”. It is the “Black” racist that most often excuse themselves with the “White Blame Card”.

“Black Racists” point to Slavery as the cause of the perceived gap, however, the absence of Slavery in Africa has not overcome the intelligence gap (again based on Western Cultural standards). Africans that remained in Africa without being slaves, have not advanced culturally and intellectually on average, to the level of Europeans today for example. As noted, “Blacks” in Africa have also not advanced culturally and intellectually, on average, with American “Blacks”.

It would be far more appropriate for the “Black Racist” to appreciate the effort that has been made to help overcome their deficiencies in this area and the major accomplishments that have been made. Rather than blame, it would serve them better to enjoy the advantage they have over their “Black” brothers in Africa and understand that we all live in a world where people have different capabilities.

In reality, we have been considering racial averages overall in this article, not individual capabilities.

Being “White” or “Black” does not mean that one person with light skin is more intelligent than a person with dark skin. As noted prior, there are dumb, uneducated “White” people who would envy the intellectual achievements of many “Black” college professors and professionals.

In addition, Americans are racially mixed and should not be considered in terms of pure “Black” or “White” people. With racial identity blurred, the concepts of intellegence and cultural influence is no longer valid. The 44th president of our nation was half “Black” and half “White”, rendering his racial heritage arbitrary.

We should each take our individual circumstance and make the most of it. America is the land of individual freedom and opportunity to succeed or fail based on a vast number of different factors. Everyone’s initial circumstance is unique with advantages and disadvantages. A child born crippled will likely never be an Olympic runner, yet they can have a wonderful life if they accept their limitations and make the most of what is available to them.

(5) Believing that “White” people are born with special racial privileges and advantages not available to “Black” people

There is no greater insult, or example of blatant racism, than to tell an individual that their accomplishments were gained by a privilege associated with the tone of their skin.

The millions of unfortunate and poor “White” people are not told that they are poor because their skin was not white enough. In citing “White Privilege” there is no reason given as to why there are more poor “white” people in American than any other racial group.

Some college professor wrote a paper that became intellectually in vogue and a social myth was created and became academically fashionable.

Seized on by naïve educators, well-meaning students and “Black Racist”, the term “White Privilege” became a whip to punish people who dare to demonstrate individual exceptionalism or profit from the earned advantage of family achievement.

For a person born into an affluent family, it is demeaning to tell them that they have somehow caused others to be less fortunate by being fortunate themselves. This modern form of social Marxism has been proven over and over again to crush individual and economic initiative and prosperity. Argentina is just the latest example of socialist disaster.

The “Black Racist” point to successful people they consider to be “White” and accuse them of gaining success at their expense. In a zero sum game, success and prosperity of others keep the “Black Racist” from being able be successful and prosper. They believe that by taking away the “White” privilege, they will have an unimpeded path to certain achievement themselves.

What they fail to realize is that “White privilege” is actually “White achievement”, or rather “Individual achievement”. Should they stop and consider what the people they call “White” have contributed to the achievement and wealth of the nation, they might realize what the absence of such achievement might mean to the welfare of America in the world today.

African nations, such as Ethiopia and Liberia, that have experienced little or no “White Achievement” are among the poorest on the continent, while South Africa and Nigeria are among the most advanced due to the contribution “White” people have made to the counties.

Having “white skin” is no assurance of success and having “black skin” is no assurance of being unsuccessful.

(6) Perpetuating a false history of “Black Slaves” and “White Slaveholders” while ignoring the historical facts of “Black Slaveholders” and “Free Black People”.

Perhaps one of the greatest misconceptions today is that a large percentage of “White” people were slave holders in America’s past and all “Black” people in America today have slave ancestors.

In reality, there were less than 2% of the “White” people in America who owned slaves before the Civil War, with less than 6% in the South. In addition, there were many “Black” people who were not slaves, and in fact, there were more “Black” slave owners, based on percentage of population at the time, than “White” slave owners.

For this reason it is unreasonable to assume that a person who considers themselves to be “Black” today, with an ancestry back to pre-civil war times in America, are descendants of slaves. They may well be descendants of “Black” people who were free citizens prior to the Civil War, or perhaps, descendants of slave owners.

Based on this, a “Black” person is more likely to be the descendant of a “Black” slave owner than a “White” person today.

Since racism is a form of ignorance, the “Black Racist” is also racially ignorant and in denial.

(7) Motivated by “Racial Extortion”.

The “Black Racist” uses the false charge of racism and racial victimhood to extort special considerations and advantages from the American government and society.

The “Black Racist” is ever ready to pin a “Racist” label on anyone who dares question their racial myth. So effective has been the dissemination of the racial myth of victimhood that a phenomenon of “White Guilt” has been inflicted on people who consider themselves to be “White”.

Today, to be called, or considered to be, a “White Racist” is tantamount to being a social outcast. Only the most uneducated, ignorant and lowly “White” people are racist. People who consider themselves to be “White” are willing to abandon reason, good judgement and even fact to avoid the accusation of racism.

Even to the detriment of society and our educational systems, it is better to accept the unacceptable than to raise the specter of racism. Rather than face the truth and deal with the truth to solve the actual problem, it is better to avoid any semblance racism and allow the problem to continue unabated.

The “Black Racist” feeds on this “White Guilt” and projects the accusation into every aspect of social interaction and economic function. Like an infection that is allowed to fester and metastasize, “Black Racism” is destroying the very fabric of American society and culture.

Like a cancer undiagnosed and unattended, “Black Racism” is having terminal effects on the unity and well-being of our nation.

It is time to address the issue, call it what it is and begin to take measures to eradicate it with truth.

It will require a national initiative utilizing governmental, educational and organizational resources to set us all free from the false narrative and myth associated with “Black Racism”.

Let’s join together to speak out and demand an end to racism of all colors.

Written by Waylon Allen,
October 31, 2017


2 Replies to “The Nature of Black Racism”

  1. Good job Waylon. Finally someone understands and exposes the myriad of myths regarding racism in America. In fact, tomorrow in Seattle (where I live) blm is holding a protest during Black Friday in order to cry and moan over more purported racism. This is the same organization that turns black perpetrators into victims and openly opposes white people and police: it’s a radical Marxist group and fits in well with other loosely affiliated cohorts-Antifa, bamn, etc.
    Keep doing what you do and let’s free our minds and some others in the process

  2. Well again Waylon how you figure that? I would love to know where your information come from.

    These are stories told from people who lived it. You say blacks what to be “faultfree” but whites what to be “guilt free.” I don’t know how you was treated by your own white people who are very privileged but white people are not nice.

    You must of said something to hurt they feelings and you was taking out the “will”. Look like you been sleepwalking for the last decade. Not only did you not get your white privileges but you got misleading information from your so called research…..

    Black people can’t say it enough and white people learn to listen. Wtf you think we asking white people for? To kill themselves? No we asking them to stop killing us. You got black people taking on leadership roles to address tge “issues” that exist in the black community so our life CAN matter and you got you and the good white people mad at our “protest” but supports the lgbtqrs protest and immigrant protest….. Everybody but black have won a “civil rights” lawsuit like fazmon in florida and his floating boat….

    How is everybody else claiming civil rights violation after black people FOUGHT for them for a REASON but black people have been told by the white community that they civil rights have not been violated, yet all the white founding fathers do is violate the constitution and every bill of right in it…. Then they have burntout educators whos conditioned enough to write derogatory statements regarding a oppressed black americans lifestyle which yall close your eyes too and somehow still UNDERMIND the stories of a black americanS struggle.

    How I know because I wanted to be the success story and believe like you Waylon but the white people good and bad got all confrontational and hostile on a sister, took everything i worked for and left me 0 income and homeless again and know the white people moving in the “urban communities,” using MONEY as a resource to buy up all our property and open up businesses in our community to just act like they our leaders…. Just to bring opiods and trash all in the community because white people are privileged and conditioned as wolves in sheep clothing….

    Black people not trying keep explaining to stupid people. They say stupid is merely “knowing the truth but believing lies” Waylon you know this shit is a bunch of lies you telling. Your facts about RACISM are all wrong….

    Black americans and everybody in america, adapts to they environment so not only is your information wrong most of this shit is irrelevant. You could have kept that shit to yourself but no you a conditioned sleepwalker still living in the past trying to hold on to your kids trust fund (said during the obama administration) but my thing is white people dont even raise your kids you just sends them to any place far that will hold them hostage while the white community “stick to they guns,” monopolize all the jobs then burn theyselves out trying to be octopuses in order to remain on top of the world.

    So respect the civil war black people started and fought and won because it stopped white woman from being treated like the bruts and cavemen white people thrives on being. Black people want peace and white people want war….

    So look whos talking about how proud they are to be the problems plaguing America. A land white people stole from people WHO DONT WANT NO TROUBLE. Good White people dont SNITCH on bad white people so they aint no better…. Yall want your privileges so you remain defending the white culture like your TRUSTFUND depends on it and we all know white people will kill they own mother and father over money…. Everybody got to die in the white people world but money like yall too stupid to see the debts yall making. Look like white people the only race the world wants to see get whats coming to yall. White people OWE a lot of the WORLD THEY money back that yall stealing from the poor like you have no soul no guilt no self worth.

    So black people not looking for white people to grow up we just want yall to RESIGN NOW with yall big mouths. If what black americans going through our fault how come white people dont want to be poor? Right cuz its no white picnic fence i know that.

    I thought you respond. I spellcheck but of course man made technology does what it wants. So correct any grammar yall white this should be easy since yall know everything and so nice. Check my paper like in school lol.

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