Some Say There Is No Such Thing As Race

Some say Human beings of different races does not exist. Scientifically all people on Earth are all of one single Human Race.

This was news to me! Just came across an article on the Newsweek online website with the title “There Is No Such Thing as Race” published November 2014 by Robert Wald Sussman. The link to the article follows the text of this post.

The article notes:

“Today the vast majority of those involved in research on human variation would agree that biological races do not exist among humans. Among those who study the subject, who use and accept modern scientific techniques and logic, this scientific fact is as valid and true as the fact that the earth is round and revolves around the sun.”

Mr. Sussman explains why people still believe in different races:

“If races do not exist as a biological reality, why do so many people still believe that they do? In fact, even though biological races do not exist, the concept of race obviously is still a reality, as is racism. These are prevalent and persistent elements of our everyday lives and generally accepted aspects of our culture.

… (Race) is not a biological reality, however, but a cultural one. Race is not a part of our biology, but it is definitely a part of our culture. Race and racism are deeply ingrained in our history.”

The author points out that people have been moving about and mixing since the origin of the human race:

“Recent studies have shown us that humans have been migrating since Homo sapiens evolved some 200,000 years ago. This migration has not been in one direction but had happened back and forth. Our genes have been mixing since we evolved, and our genetic structure looks more like a complex, intermixed trellis than a simple candelabra.

It is very difficult to tell what our particular genetic background is over human historic time. We humans are more similar to each other as a group than we are to one another within any particular racial or genetic category. Many anthropological books have been written to explain this phenomenon.”

The reason we seem different, Mr. Sussman explains, is because of environmental and evolutionary factors:“At first, scientists attempted to classify human races based on variations in characteristics such as skin color, hair color and form, eye color, facial anatomy, and blood groups. In the recent past, various scientists, such as Franz Boas, have divided us into anywhere between three and more than thirty different races, without any success. Most of these hypothetical “races” were developed using assumptions about genetic relationships and distributions among different human populations.

In 1942, Ashley Montagu, a student of Franz Boas, claimed that “there are no races, there are only clines.” Traits considered to be “racial” are actually distributed independently and depend upon many environmental and behavioral factors. For the most part, each trait has a distinct distribution from other traits, and these traits are rarely determined by a single genetic factor.

This type of distribution of a biological trait is referred to as a cline. For example, skin color is related to the amount of solar radiation, and dark skin is found in Africa, India, and Australia. However, many other genetic traits in peoples of these areas are not similar. Furthermore, similar traits such as skin color are convergent; different genes can cause similar morphological and behavioral characteristics.”

Mr Sussman questions why the “myth” of race persists. This would be a very good question to ask of Educators and Educational Institutions. Why is racial division promoted by college professors and government? Why are we being misled and kept ignorant of the facts?

“Thus, given current scientific data, biological races do not exist among modern humans today, and they have never existed in the past. Given such clear scientific evidence as this and the research data of so many other biologists, anthropologists, and geneticists that demonstrate the nonexistence of biological races among humans, how can the “myth” of human races still persist?”

According to this then, Racism is based on false information and the failure of Educators to teach the factual truth. Please leave your comment below.

(The Newsweek article was taken from the book “The Myth of Race: The Troubling Persistence of an Unscientific Idea” by Robert Wald Sussman. Copyright © 2014 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College.)


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2 Replies to “Some Say There Is No Such Thing As Race”

  1. When I see a Chinese Person, a African person and a European person, they seem to be of different races. It seems to me that being from different locations would not be enough to make such obvious differences,

    1. Victor, it is understandable, however, the effects of environment, evolutional and breeding over a long period of time has such effects.

      An example is the single species Canis Lupus. Within that species are wolves. Wolves and dogs are of the same species, but have been breed to become very different types of wolves with very different looks. Along with domestication, they certainly look very different. Yet they can all breed together and have off springs with traits showing from each.

      For humans, we are all Homo Sapiens. Biologically we are the same. Members of a species are able to breed together regardless of environmental or evolutional factors. For example, a very dark skinned person can breed with a very light skinned person and the off spring will have a mixed skin pigmentation somewhat lighter and darker than the parental pair.

      There is some confusion because people have different DNA based on the geographical location they evolve in. This can lead people to think that different DNA indicated different races. This is incorrect. DNA only shows ancestral geographical origination. Even, with DNA, however, most of us have mixed DNA since people now travel widely and integrate socially. Most often, today, DNA shows varied ancestral geographical origination for individuals.

      The most important thing to consider, is that we are far more similar than different, and we are all of the same race…the remarkable Human Race.

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