We Can Never Unite As Individual Citizens Until We Overcome Black Racial Animosity, Resentment and Hate.

We have to look this issue straight in the eye and call it what it is.

When someone holds a grudge against others, for no factual reason, there can be no way toward reconciliation. When the grudge is focused on innocent individuals grouped in false racial categories, the animosity should be challenged and refuted.

For these reasons, the issue of “Black” racial enmity toward people they consider to be “White” is baseless and erroneous. This effort to polarize other individual citizens using stereotypical categorizing should be denounced for the distorted racist depiction it represents.

First, not all people who consider themselves to be “Black” hold these feelings. This is specific to the people who hold these feeling of enmity for other citizens they generalize as “White”.

Citizens, who set themselves apart with pseudo-racial categorizing such as “Black” or “White”, are already demonstrating a racialist mind-set. While often unknowingly, speaking and thinking in terms of “Black and White” people contributes to divisional thinking about other American citizens

This type of racist stereotypical thinking ignores the individuality of each citizen and imposes presupposed assumptions without any verification or proof. The principle of “innocent until proven guilty” is abandoned in this racist minded effort to apply guilt. The charges are based on the skin pigmentation alone decades after the alleged events. It is the epitome of false and unjust accusation.

People that are not racialist minded, simply think of other individual Americans initially as just “citizens” or “people”. Applying a racial label to others based on skin tone alone is not only likely to be factually incorrect, but extremely detrimental to the cohesion and well-being of our nation. We cannot unify as citizens in an environment of unsupported projected racial accusations without appropriate justification.

Unfortunately, there are some people who consider themselves to be “Black” that are openly hostile to another group of citizens they lump together as “White”. It is all based on skin color alone. It is a wholesale indictment of a very diverse group of citizens, racially stereotyped as “White”, with the accusation that they are all racists and have a legacy of social harm and injustice to all “Black” people.

This racial indictment includes the charge that all people with light skin pigmentation are “White” and have ancestors that were slave owners, would all like to continue to enslave “Black” people, have all discriminated against “Black” people resulting in all the social and economic difficulties “Black” people have experienced in America, and should all be punished for their racial transgressions. Of course there are more and varied charges, but this is indicative of the type of accusations that support the “Black” animosity and hatred toward people considered to be “White” in racist terms.

There are even educators, politicians and well-meaning people, who think of themselves as “White”, that feel vindicated and enlightened by contributing to, and perpetuating, this atmosphere of racial accusation directed to White” citizens they consider intellectually inferior or ignorant.

The fact that individual citizens will not assume or accept the supposed guilt based on skin color alone, without supporting evidence, is considered by the intellectual superiors as a sign of racism itself and an ignorance of fact.

Ignored are the actual facts:

  1. The first official slave owner in the American Colonies was Anthony Johnson who went to the Virginia court in 1654 to make his indentured servant a “servant for life”. Both Mr. Johnson and his servant, John Casor, were Africans. (1)
  2. A little more than 1% of the, so called, “White” people in America at the time of the Civil War were slave owners. (Less than 4% in the Southern states.) Therefore, about 96% of “White” Southern decedents today did not own Saves (2)
  3. There were “Black Slave Owners”. According to the census at the time, about 10% of the free African people were slave owners. Therefore, about 10% of the free “Black” Africans’ decedents owned slaves. (3)
  4. Over 10 million Africans were killed by other Africans in the round up of “Blacks” by other “Blacks” to sell on the shores of Africa. It is noted historically that when some were not bought by the “White” slave traders, the “Black” captors would decapitate the heads of their “Black” captives in front of the slave merchants. In actually, being exported by force by their “Black” African brothers was, therefore, not the worse fate faced by the Africans that arrived in America, even as slaves. (4)
  5. Much has been done by the so called “White” people from the “Abolition Movement” to free the Slaves, to the 600,000 “White” lives lost in resolving the issue during the Civil War, to the “Reconstruction” effort by the Northern Republicans imposed on the Southern Democrats, to the Civil Rights legislation and the “Affirmative Action” initiatives that favored “Black” citizens over “White” citizens. This and more was undertaken and implemented by the majority to help a, somewhat helpless, minority.

Yet today, there is little appreciation for what has been provided. The guiding principles of individual liberty and American culture, that benefited so greatly the “Black” people, is now demeaned and ridiculed by some. Rather that appreciation, mainstream America is charged with racism and rewarded with “Black” racial animosity, resentment and hatred that creates a social schism that threaten our national social order.

While all these racist accusations are based on false assumptions and false information, it goes unchallenged by those that should know better. In fact, many educators, government officials and well-meaning citizens seem to endorse the validity of this racial resentment and encourage it with passive concurrence and accommodation.

Like an irritation that is allowed to deteriorate into a sore, that is constantly picked at until it festers into a malignant cancer, this “Black” animosity and hatred toward a large segment of other citizens is building toward terminal social effects. If allowed to go unchecked, it may destroy us as a nation. We will all fragment into a state of universal hostility. By being enemies within, we will be overwhelmed by our emeries without.

The only positive resolution is to treat the malady and render it harmless. We can accomplish this with the application of facts and logic. Here is some additional information and considerations to include in the countermeasures to address and cure the social disease of “Black” enmity.

  1. Individual people cannot be effectively stereotyped based on skin color alone. In fact the range of skin color is so expansive that any effort to accurately group by including or excluding people by skin shade alone is impossible
  2. People are mixed to the extent that heritage is not 100% for any person. Ancestry would have to be determined by percentage. For example a person might be 60% African, 30% European, and 10% Asian. In this case the person would have to feel 60% of their “Black” self as having animosity toward 30% of their “White” self along with 10% neutral feeling for their remaining “Asian” self..
  3. A person that is, say 80% “Black” might have hateful feelings for another person that is 80% “White”. This would require a decision to consider only the dominate percentage of “Blackness” or “Whiteness” and to ignore the remaining 20%. This is complicated by the fact that the so called “White” person might have ancestors that were slaves and the so called “Black” person might be decedent from slave owners.
  4. To facilitate such racial distinctions, it might be necessary for every individual citizen to have a DNA test and have the results showing on a “race tag” to be worn on a chain around their necks. Also, it would be necessary to document actual ancestry. This might have to be mandatory to make racism valid and applicable to everyone.

This brings us the final issue of “White Privilege” and race based “Reparations” for past injustices.

For those who feel it is appropriate, or even necessary, to address current social racial advantages and historical racial wrongs, we should look back a bit further and deeper into the issue.

When the “White” Eurasians and “Black” Africans arrived on the shores of the “New Land”, it was actually not “new” to the native people. Actually the “Whites” and “Blacks” were invaders and intruders and not welcome.

The invaders took the native people’s land by force and broken treaties. Today the “White”, “Black” and other foreign immigrants own and live on the majority of the land with the native people subjugated to “Reservations” also owned by the Federal Government. Their conditions is said to be “comparable to the Third World.”

The “White Skin” people and the “Black Skin” people show no concern for what was been done to the “Red Skin” people. They seem to feel no remorse for the condition the “Red skins” are in today. Having had their culture annihilated, their lands appropriated, and armies sent to kill and displace them; the remnants of the native people represent 1% of the poorest people in America.

They do not even own the land they have left. Under the control of the government “Indian Affairs” they live their shattered lives in despair and abject poverty.

Where is the outcry from the University professors? Where is the concern from the benevolent politicians? Why are the college campuses so silent regarding the social injustice for the native people? Is the native skin not colored enough for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to show any concern?

What about the American people’s “White & Black Privilege” compared to that of the native people? Certainly Universities would have no difficulty “unpacking” the advantages enjoyed today by the people who consider themselves “Black” or “White”.

How can the disadvantages they face today, and the historical injustices perpetrated on the native people in the past, be ignored if social injustice is the issue? How can we move forward with other social concerns before we address these glaring injustices?

If reparations are in order, then the first reparation should be the fulfillment of the treaties agreed to between the US Government and the native peoples that have been ignored. Ownership of stolen land should be restored. Economic reparations should be made.

In fact, perhaps it would be appropriate for all the people deeply concerned by the harm and injustice inflicted by their ancestors on the ancestors of the native people, to return voluntarily to their countries of ancestral origin. They could take some of the pollution, pipelines, climate change, weapons of mass destruction and crime with them. The Eurasians and Africans have a land they can return to.  But only by the ancestors of the invaders leaving, can the Native people return to their land.

If leaving is not an acceptable option, then what could be more equable and fair than to return as much as possible to the indigenous native people who have been so harmed by the encroachers from other lands? If the social concerns and reasoning, now being expressed by the educators, politicians and citizens are real and legitimate, then it is appropriate to take such action.

For those who hold a consensus of opinion that we must make up for the past, then that agreement is easily and reasonable transferred to the native peoples, who suffered most and have lost the most.

We will be able to determine the sincerity and conviction of those, who now call for an end to social “privilege” and racial injustice, by their dialogue and actions regarding the native people.

Surely the people who today hold animosity, resentment and hate for past wrongs and social injustice will see good reason to address grievances of the native peoples first. As today’s perpetuators and benefactors of the near genocide of the “Indian” people and their culture, this will be an opportunity to make things right.

However, it is not unusual to see how the people, who call the loudest for retribution from others, can change their tune when they are called upon to suffer the retribution themselves.

Written by Waylon Allen,
August 7, 2017

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3 Replies to “We Can Never Unite As Individual Citizens Until We Overcome Black Racial Animosity, Resentment and Hate.”

  1. You are so right, but you still forget who is in power, we can talk bout black racism or black anger, we can talk about all the faults of black people or any people, until there is noticeable change in the SYSTEM, the issue will remain. Now because of SIN, it will never be justice and equity for all, and unfortunately the Euro culture is not ready to let “US” in, indeed has worked diligently to keep “US” out of real advancement and success. I suppose the idea of cultural superiority that the Euro’s embraced way back then has not waned. But, let me ask you a hypothetical question, if today Indians or blacks had the economic, educational, political, etc. power of the European, would that culture group follow in the same shoes by being oppressive towards Europeans? I sure hope not.


    1. Beverly, thank you for your thoughtful comment. In this way you are right about equality — If you compare all the people in America you consider to be “Black’ with a similar number of people you consider “White”, I feel sure that likely the total wealth of the “White” people would be more than the total wealth of the “Black” people.

      However, if you gathered all the estimated 17,981,400 so called “White” people that earn an annual income under the Federal poverty level and compared them with the 9,561,100 so called “Black” people who also earn an annual income under the Federal poverty level, then they would be equal. In this case, however, the number of poor “White” people would outnumber the poor “Black” people.

      Likewise, if you could put Oprah Winfrey (Worth about $2.8 billion), Robert F. Smith (Worth about $2.5 billion), Michael Jordon (Worth about $650 million), Sean Combs (Worth about $620 million), Tiger Woods (Worth about $590 million), Robert L. Johnson (Worth about $580 million), Mariah Carey (Worth about $510 million), Maggie Johnson (Worth about $500 million), Jay-Z (Worth about $475 million), Stella Johnson (Worth about $400 million), Tyler Perry (Worth about $400 million), Bill Cosby (Worth about $380 million), Shaquille O’Neal (Worth about $350 million), Dr. Dre (Worth about $350 million), Master P (Worth about $350 million), R. Donahue Peebles (Worth about $350 million), Berry Gordy (Worth about $345 million), Russell Simmons (Worth about $340 million), Quintin Primo III (Worth about $300 million) together, you would have a strong case against the SYSTEM holding them back. Add former president, Barack Obama to the group and it becomes obvious that their individual ability and drive overcame all obstacles to be wealthy and successful in America.

      The SYSTEM is not holding the 17+ Million, so called, “White” people in poverty today back or denying them opportunity. The STSTEM is also not granting that 17+ million light skinned people special privileges or special advantages. These seventeen million “White” people simply have been unable to make the individual advancements people like Oprah Winfrey or Robert F. Smith have made for themselves.

      To really understand America and the opportunities America offers, it is necessary to think individually. There are no European guards at the doorway to success in our nation. However, the individual must have the necessary ability, skills and drive to excel. Opportunity is most often earned.

      Certainly, many people you consider to be “Black” had disadvantages to overcome. In America many advantages are inherited from the previous generation. If the parents do not bestow some inherited advantages to the next generation and continue from one generation to another, then next generation gains little. It is extremely difficult to rise from poverty and most often poverty begets poverty. Here, again, however, we see individuals struggle for a good educations and develop abilities to excel even from the poorest environment. It is individual initiative and determination that makes the difference.

      Stereotyping people, especially by skin tone, is harmful. To create a perception that skin color alone will keep a person from gaining success in America is not only wrong, but destructive for personal initiative and determination. Should a person who considers themselves to be “Black” strive to find “Equality” with the 17+ million “White” people in poverty? Or should they seek to fulfill their individual potential by striving to succeed toward their personal goals?

      One way to measure success for any person with an African heritage is to compare themselves with the Africans today. Would the average person who considers themselves to be “Black” be willing to exchange places with an average person in Africa today? If so, then I’m sure the exchange could be arranged. However, actually, it is far too late for my brothers and sisters, who consider themselves to be “Black” to even consider such an exchange. We are all now 100% full blooded Americans together despite our disagreements.

  2. Mr. Allen,

    I hope that your site and this article are shared across social media.

    Your words are powerful and honest. If everyone put aside their preconceived ideas and read your articles with an open heart and mind we could save this Nation.

    I am looking forward to reading the rest of your articles and your book.


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