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There is much discussion
today about Racism
and Race Relations.
Often it seems one sided,
focusing only on the
“White” problem.

As the philosopher,
Baruch Spinoza, noted:
No matter how thin
you slice it, there will always
be two sides

This then
is an effort to look
at, and discuss, the
other side of
the Race Card,
“Black” problem.

Only by looking at,
and discussing,
both sides of the
“Racial” Problem
can we make real progress
at resolving the
“Whole” problem.

It Was Not About Race.
It Was About Culture.

The Nature
of Black Racism

Black Hypocrisy

An Explanation and Statement
to My Brothers and Sisters
Who Consider Themselves
to be Black.

( 05)
Why I Challenge
Black Racial Blame
and White Shame

( 06)
It’s Time the Black Community
Address Their Own Problems,
and Quit Shifting Responsibility and Blame
to the White Community.

( 07)
How You Can Help
Defeat Black and White
Racism In America

Is Race
Associated with Intelligence?

( 09)
Link to
“White Americans who
Fought for Civil Rights”
by Veronica Patton

We Can Never Unite As Individual Citizens
Until We Overcome Black Racial Animosity,
Resentment and Hate.

Many People
Do Not See Themselves
as Black or White.

What Is White Privilege?

Are All Americans Equal?

Why We Must Abandon
Racial Distinctions
Now In America

Can Individual People Really
Be Defined By Color?

Will Fundamental Change Solve
the “White Problem”?

Americans Must Unify as Individuals Not Groups

The Ku Klux Klan
Were Democrats Killing
Black and White Republicans,
Not Slaves.

Can We Cross the Racial Divide Together?

Call to Abolish Racial Distinctions
or Discrimination between American Citizens

How Do You Identify Yourself?

Read about “The Black and White of Racism”

We are often Right even when we are Wrong.

It is easy to always be right. Just associate and talk only with people who agree with you.

We all have a tendency to do this because it is unpleasant to have someone question or disagree with what we think or believe to be true. It is far more pleasant to have someone reinforce our point of view and confirm that we are indeed Right!

The problem is, when people only talk with people in groups that agree with themselves, the issues cannot be resolved. The different groups of “like think” simply stay divided and perhaps even come to physical conflict.

We have a great nation together. We must reconcile our differences to survive in the competitive and dangerous world we live in today. The expression “A house divided against itself will not stand” is a prophecy for what is to come for America if we cannot stand together as a nation to face the challenges that exist today.

Pointing out the problems of others only divides. Only when we consider and address our own problems can solutions be accomplished.

It is time to openly discuss our differences, not for division, but for our individual and person introspection. We have to look back at ourselves with the same critical eye we view others.

If we are willing to blame others, then we must be open to having that blame challenged and perhaps turned back on ourselves. We must judge ourselves in the same manner we judge others.

Change and solutions begin within.

“If you change yourself, you will change your world. If you change how you think, then you will change how you feel and what actions you take. And so the world around you will change.” –Mahatma Gandhi



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