Why I Challenge Black Racial Blame and White Shame

The racial narrative in America is primarily focused on the alleged victimhood of people considered to be “Black”. This point of view requires that all “White” people be demonized and blamed for the circumstance of all seemingly disadvantaged “Black” people.

When my wife’s granddaughter, who is Irish/Italian heritage and very light skinned, told me she “does not like white people”, I was concerned and confused.

In trying to determine how to respond to her, I, for the first time in my life, began to read and research into the history of race and race relations in America.

I was surprised, and in many ways shocked, at what I found. I found that I was very misinformed and ignorant of the actual facts regarding the issue of race in America.

I had realized that the issue of slavery and racism had overshadowed the goodness and achievements of “White” people in America and had spawned a high level of blame, resentment and animosity from “Black” people toward “White” people.

I had not realized, however, that much of what I had been lead to believe was false half-truths and misinformation. This distortion of fact and history has cause racial antagonism so profound that even the founders of America liberty are vilified and demeaned for being “White” oppressors of “Black” people.

Learning the truth about matters associated with race in America influenced me to begin a letter to my Granddaughter to explain why she should actually “like white people” and be proud to be an American.

In having to defend “White” people, I came to an expanded appreciation of what “White” people have contributed to humankind and how much they have done to benefit “Black” people. I began to wonder why the educational institutions and public media have not presented the factual truth regarding these matters.

The letter to my granddaughter began to expand into several pages and eventually a large document. Early on in the writing, I had realized that I was also writing to my fellow citizens. I came to feel that all Americans should be made aware of the real truth behind the racial myths and misconceptions being disseminated throughout American society.

My feeling was, and is, that if the real truth is known we could begin to heal the racial divide that exists today in our nation. In fact, I realized, in my reading and research, that failing to heal the divide would be extremely detrimental to America and lead to increasingly serious racial and social conflicts.

For this reason, I decided to publish the document as a book The Black and White of Racism. I also decided to establish this website, DiscussRacism.com, to further develop articles to accompany the book and further challenge the racial blame and shame game that is destroying the unity of our nation.

Information about the book is available at TheBlackAndWhiteofRacism.com.

Written by Waylon Allen,
November 5, 2017



3 Replies to “Why I Challenge Black Racial Blame and White Shame”

  1. After reading this article, I read your book. Now I cannot understand why I am just now learning this information. I’m now sharing it with friends. Thank you for making this available.

  2. As Wiley Thomas said, I could not understand why we were not given this information. I do believe that I know now.
    Discourse between people works to the advantage of Political parties. We the American people have been and are being used!
    I am going to spread this information, the articles and your book with everyone I know and on all social media sites I can.

  3. Well after i read this story i realized it sound good but its still justifying and ignoring the fact that racism do still exist in a different look.

    And white ignores and look through black people and reading this pissed me off. 1st of all “disadvantaged” black people.. Then “resentment and animosity from black people….” And you think white people havent oppressed black people but booo if all you see is white people and no black american people working its not because we lazy boo its because white people monopolizing the jobs and Virginia laws is taking “black” people voting rights.

    All my doctors are white, teachers, lawyers, corner stores, landlords all white and immigrant and im a black woman like harriett tubman and rosa patk whos been deprieved if my rights not because im at a disadvantage but only because i was a black woman condemned for speaking out against racism. By the way mayor walsh of boston ADMITTED RACISM DO EXIST…. a powerpoint showed the white community being brainwashed to believe “all” black folks are “lazy”… Well im not and guess what im 0 incone and homeless because my dreams have turned into nightmares and i did nothing but demand my respect, look for help, filed civil suits thats going no where regarding my civil rights and guess who directors of the civil rights department, the naacp and black lives matter… Thats right them everywhere in every body business monopolizing jobs racist conditioned brainwashed white folks. The black folks are killing themselves to STOP the oppression, conditioning and deprivation…. Black people have latent mental illness and white people got problems with opiods because racism do exist and folks tired of dealing with the guilt of it all. The deception of the white people who keep slavery alive.

    I did my research too and i think you know my research because i know its racism and its funny how you said we can discuss this but i feel like this is not up for discussion itstime to put shit in writing and take the immunity clause out of the constitution asa way to undernined the 13 and 14 amendments. So racism may have started however it started but the shit been redesigned to make it look like white people did great things when im watching all the great things my black community and myself have done being publicly exposed 1st through white media channels. So white people group blacks as a whole so white people what to always look so guiltless in this fight against racism and even the so called good white keep they mouth shut to wrongdoing and apologize alot but yet white folks still working. Still getting away with brutality, hate crimes and stealing others idea…. Yet white people swear they are the victims. Yet white people wont even step down nor stop acting stupid or blind to whats happening right before they eyes.

    White people are the jealous ones and envious ones so read on satanism, the illumanti, catholic churches sex scandals and come again with this free white people from racism like yall not the problems in america…. Even if you dont know it because the white community are great deceivers and overwhelming in the black community. White people made black people INVISIBLE so theycan be visible…. Everybody got to lookat white people excessively because they hate they invisible inflammed skin and jealous that black dont crack and our skin is flawless.

    So yes white people are jealous and envious of the “disadvantage” because we are the greatest.

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