Why We Must Abandon Racial Distinctions Now in America

(I am responding here to a person that wrote on Twitter: “Race is real and goes deeper than mere skin color. Different races create different cultures. The races aren’t interchangeable. Pushing the false claim that race is simply skin color is not advisable & is particularly harmful to whites. The P.C. lie that you are pushing is used to get whites to not advocate for their group interests.”)

By “Whites” I assume you mean Europeans, or perhaps Caucasians.

If “White people” in America could go back to 1607 when the first Europeans established a settlement in Jamestown and make some changes, things would be very different now.

If the “White” settlers had turned away the Dutch ship that arrived at Jamestown on “a stormy day in August 1619” with 20 Africans on board, things would be very different now.

If the “Whites” had never allowed non-Europeans to become American citizens over the years, things would be very different now.

However the Africans, and the other non-Europeans, came in large numbers and became legal, full-fledged American citizens under our Constitution and Bill or Rights.

There is no turning back. We have to deal with the situation as it is today. Like it or not, we are a nation of people who consider themselves to be of different races and cultures. We are divided and fragmented…and divided, we are falling together into a turmoil of potential mutual destruction as a nation.

Unless we can find a way to unite as a people and citizens, our nation will crumble within, and be defeated by our enemies in the world. As Ben Franklin said long ago when we faced external forces, “If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately”.

We are on the verge of serious “racial” and “cultural” civil strife. We see the violence building in our streets, at political meetings and in our Universities. The impending disorder is recognized by most of us. Our problems are deeper than “skin color”. Going forward as we are today “is not advisable & is particularly harmful” to us all.

Like it or not we must begin now to dismantle our divisions and seek grounds for unity.

This is why I have decided to challenge how people who consider themselves to be “Black” feel toward people they consider to be “White”. To use racial terms, this is why I decided to challenge “Black Racism”, “Black Animosity” and “Black Blame” directed at “White People”.

This is why I took the time, and made the effort, to write and publish the book “The Black and White of Racism”. This is why I set up this forum for discussion of racial issues.

This is why I am up now at 3:27 A.M. writing this response.

I am extremely concerned. Not for myself, I am in my 70’s. My time remaining is short. My concern is for my children, my grandchildren and my beloved nation and fellow citizens. We have so much to appreciate and be thankful for together. We have so much to lose in division.

And the irony is that I am, what the writer from twitter might call, an “Indian”, “native American” or perhaps, “a red skin”. I am actually, however, what I consider to be a “full blooded, totally enfranchised, American Citizen”.

So let’s begin, as citizens, to forget, forgive and forbear. Let’s look forward, not backwards, with a mutual resolution to get along together. Every one of us must make profound personal changes in attitude and perception. Let’s focus on things that will unite us not divide us as a nation. Let’s share without envy, jealousy or greed the bounty of our nation together according to our individually earned measure.

It will be difficult, it will require restraint and empathy. It will not happen immediately or without setbacks. However, with determination and an understanding of what is necessary for our survival together as a nation, we can be a United States of America.

I suggest you begin now by reading my book The Black and White of Racism” . I have attempted to state some facts that should be known and understood by every American Citizen regardless of skin pigmentation, cultural identity or geographical origin. I have put forth some considerations that might contribute to resolving our perceived “racial” differences.

I wrote the book in the same spirit I have written this. I sincerely want us to prevail and prosper as a nation together. Like some of my ancestors, I have looked at the future horizon with fear and dread, and now say to you my brothers and sisters,  “Turn Away…take a different path”.

Written by Waylon Allen,
October 17, 2017

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