Will Fundamental Change Solve the “White Problem”?

Reading Twitter tweets regarding “racism” has convinced me that people who consider themselves to be “Black” have extreme dislike and resentment toward people they consider “White”. They seem to feel that America and their lives would be better should the “Whites” simply migrate elsewhere and leave the Nation to themselves and the people who migrated into America in recent years.

All the problems of ”Black People” would be eliminated and they would have all the economy, institutions, government, military strength and status in the world for themselves.

In reality, if all the people considered to be “White” would leave the Nation, the fundamental change would be disastrous. Just imagine what it would be like without the “damnable white folks” around.

So keep on demeaning and demonizing the mainstream Americans that have been categorized into the stereotype of “Racist White People”. These are the people who have made a substantial contribution in making America what it is today, and keeping it what it is today.

If things continue in the current direction, “the White Problem” may well begin to migrate out of the country, taking their businesses, skills, and accumulated wealth with them. Those unable to leave might cluster in isolated communities for mutual benefit and protection, leaving the population centers to fight it out for what’s left.

So when the “fundamental” change occurs and the social fabric and culture of the nation is fundamentally changed, “Blacks” will not be in the same America they have today. America may one day look more like the wonderful homelands of Africa, Latin America, Syria or Iran. Perhaps all combined in a dream come true for the people who consider themselves “Black”. “Be careful what you wish for…”

Or forgive, forget and unite, as individual citizens, for mutual benefit and survival of the wonderful nation we all share.

Written by Waylon Allen,
July 16, 2017

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